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October 26, 2005 09:00 ET

IronPort Systems Introduces Industry's First Real-Time Alerts for New Virus Outbreaks

Free to All, IronPort's Expertise and Insight Benefits the Global Email Community

SAN BRUNO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 26, 2005 -- IronPort Systems Inc., the leader in email security, today announced that the company has begun issuing real-time virus outbreak alerts via email from its Threat Operation Center. IronPort users and anyone signing up for the email alerts will have the immediate advantage of being the first to know when new virus outbreaks occur. The email alerts are a product of IronPort's early warning system of detection, Virus Outbreak Filters, which automatically protect IronPort users during a virus outbreak, an average of 13.6 hours prior to traditional anti-virus signatures becoming available. The email alerts notify IronPort users that IronPort's automated preventive security systems have already been activated and at the same time they increase awareness of a new outbreak across the global email community. Increasing awareness promotes actions that can prevent viral email from entering IronPort and non-IronPort networks alike. For example, consumers who are forewarned about suspicious email on their desktop will resist opening it. System administrators not using IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters can manually take action to help defend against the outbreak.

IronPort's automated email virus outbreak alert delivery is the latest benefit IronPort brings to the world of email. Though IronPort users automatically receive the email virus outbreak alerts, IronPort encourages everyone to subscribe for free automated email virus outbreak alert delivery at The automated virus outbreak alerts include a name for the virus or virus variant and any pattern or relevant history of the detected virus.

"Effective virus detection systems should have a global view of email traffic patterns and sophisticated virus-identifying algorithms that are balanced with human oversight," said Teney Takahashi, Market Analyst at the Radicati Group. "IronPort has all the critical components of an effective system. Their virus alerts can give companies an advantage by alerting them of viruses before they can do any damage. In addition, they serve to better the industry as a whole by increasing awareness and decreasing virus outbreaks."

"Traditional anti-virus technologies lack the ability to fully defend against today's virus outbreaks," said Patrick Peterson, Vice President of Technology for IronPort Systems. "The weakness is primarily due to the time it takes for traditional virus signatures to be developed and distributed. The delay between a virus attack and availability of a reactive virus signature can result in considerable damage and cost."

IronPort has been first to detect and act against more than 140 virus outbreaks since the company launched the Threat Operation Center in 2004. The lead time of this preventive security system over traditional signature based solutions has been 13.6 hours on average, with a lead time of more than 50 hours for certain polymorphic viruses that are difficult to characterize with a traditional signature. Included in the list are multiple variants of the popular and dangerous Bagle, Netsky, Sober, MyDoom and MyTob viruses.

IronPort's Threat Operation Center is a 24/7, 365 day operation, manned by a remarkable team of professional multi-lingual analysts fighting against malicious email activity. Intently focused on the ever-metamorphosing world of perverse global email activity, the Threat Operation Center is dedicated to producing remarkable results for the global email community, saving hundreds of millions of dollars with every virus outbreak. ISPs, enterprise, corporate and small business networks, and ultimately consumers, all benefit. Automated email virus alert delivery is a product of IronPort's unmatched expertise and service from which all email users can benefit now.

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