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February 06, 2007 09:00 ET

IronPort Systems Introduces the Industry's Most Powerful Anti-Spam Appliance for the Enterprise

The New IronPort C650 Email Security Appliance Delivers Unrivalled Performance for Anti-Spam Filtering

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 6, 2007 -- IronPort® Systems Inc., a leading provider of anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-spyware appliances for business, today announced at the RSA Conference (booth 1943), the availability of the IronPort C650™ email security appliance, setting a new standard in performance for the industry's most accurate anti-spam defense.

The last 12 months marked a significant increase in the scale and complexity of spam attacks. Spam volumes grew exponentially and spammers used progressively more sophisticated techniques -- particularly image-based spam -- to evade detection. Consequently, despite improvements in anti-spam technologies, more spam made its way into the user's inbox. The IronPort Threat Operations Center predicts a continued rise in the sophistication of profit-motivated spam. Spammers have many new ways to outwit detection methods and anti-spam products will require higher levels of innovation and performance to get to spam filtering accuracy that is deemed acceptable.

The new IronPort C650 combines IronPort AsyncOS™, a proprietary operating system optimized for email, with significant advances in hardware to double the scanning throughput offered by the previous generation platform. Now IronPort has an even more powerful platform for integrating the new and often computationally intensive spam detection techniques required to extend its leadership in spam filtering accuracy.

Scaling to Deal with Skyrocketing Spam Volumes

Over the last year, spam volumes increased significantly. The average size of a spam message grew -- reflecting spammer tactics to include random data designed to thwart legacy anti-spam technologies, coupled with a 400 percent increase in image-based spam. By the end of 2006, image-based spam accounted for more than 30 percent of all spam messages. Additionally, a typical text-based spam message is 3 kilobytes, whereas the average image-based spam message is 30 kilobytes. Together, the higher volumes and larger messages put a huge burden on anti-spam products, often resulting in mail queue backups and delivery delays where products did not scale.

"Our high-performance appliances, combined with leading spam filtering technologies like IronPort Reputation Filters™, kept our customers ahead in the fight against spam in 2006," said Tom Gillis, SVP of Worldwide Marketing at IronPort. "Reputation filtering blocked over 80 percent of all incoming spam at the connection level, saving customers both bandwidth and system resources. With the new IronPort C650, customers can easily scale their infrastructures to confidently meet the spam challenges ahead."

OutPostal Corporation, an email services firm with millions of mailboxes under active management, is a longtime IronPort customer. "IronPort has raised the bar, yet again, for high-end email security appliances," said Will Malz, Co-Founder of OutPostal. "In a world where inbound spam volume can increase dramatically at literally any moment, the C650 provides the kind of performance that helps our customers sleep better at night."

Innovating to Ensure Ongoing Accuracy

While spam detection capabilities continue to improve, spammers are constantly developing new forms of spam to evade existing defenses. Protecting against spam in 2007 -- ranging from more complex image-based spam, with increased focus on attack diversity and other new spammer techniques -- will require greater levels of innovation and responsiveness. To this end, anti-spam products will need more processing power as they try to score millions of messages on a broad range of attributes in a very short amount of time.

Powered by IronPort's unique Context Adaptive Scanning Engine™ (CASE), IronPort Anti-Spam™ demonstrated unmatched efficacy against traditional spam, as well as image-based spam and the "rapid start" attacks of 2006. Using patent-pending technologies, IronPort's CASE analyzes real-time spam streams to rapidly develop and distribute tens of thousands of rules, based on the broadest range of message attributes. 2007 will require even more innovation to tackle the greater complexity of emerging attacks.

"The secret of our anti-spam accuracy is innovation. Our industry requires it and our customers rely on it," said Craig Sprosts, Anti-Spam Efficacy Manager at IronPort. "The new IronPort C650 removes the performance challenges posed by the more computationally demanding algorithms and detection techniques required to ensure a superior level of accuracy."

The IronPort C650 email security appliance is now generally available.

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