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January 25, 2007 06:00 ET

IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters Stop the Largest Virus Outbreak in the Last 12 Months

IronPort Customers Are Protected From the "Storm" Virus Threat 3 Hours and 33 Minutes Before the First Anti-Virus Signature

SAN BRUNO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 25, 2007 --


--  On Friday, January 19, 2007, spammers unleashed a malicious program,
    dubbed "Storm," which has infected hundreds of thousands of PCs worldwide.
--  The outbreak contained imitation news subject lines such as "Saddam
    Hussein Alive" and "Chinese missile shot down USA aircraft." It prompted
    users to open a virus infected file for more details on the news. Once
    installed, the virus opens a backdoor that remote hackers can use to take
    over the computer. Hackers can use these infected PCs to send spam, host
    spyware, and install key loggers and screen scrapers.
--  The "Storm" worm is the largest outbreak in the last twelve months.
--  IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters™ stopped over 300,000 viral messages,
    prior to traditional anti-virus signature availability, saving IronPort®
    customers over $15.4M in associated IT costs in less than four hours.

David Mayer, Product Manager, IronPort:

--  "It is precisely because of virus outbreaks like this that customers
    choose IronPort to protect them.  In fact, over 70 percent of our customers
    today consider IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters (in addition to signature-
    based solutions) a must-have part of their virus defense.  By detecting new
    outbreaks in real time, and dynamically responding to prevent suspicious
    traffic from entering the network, we ensure customer uptime and business
    continuity for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, ISPs, small- and medium-
    sized companies, and universities worldwide."
Brandon Moreno, Senior Exchange Engineer at ACS Application Management Services, a technology services company:
--  "Without IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters, we would have never been
    able to get a handle on the 'Storm' virus.  As soon as the virus broke,
    IronPort stopped over 2000 infected messages from entering our network.
    Had this outbreak passed through to our corporate users, we would have
    spent an immeasurable amount of time and money in clean-up.  With IronPort
    Virus Outbreak Filters stopping threats before they hit our network, the
    solution easily pays for itself."
About IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters

A proven preventive solution, IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters provide a critical first layer of defense against new outbreaks -- hours before signatures used by traditional anti-virus solutions are in place. Real world results show an average lead time over reactive anti-virus solutions of 14 hours, along with an extremely high catch rate and near-zero misclassifications. Integrated into the IronPort C-Series™ email security appliances, IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters perform a threat assessment of inbound and outbound messages, and quarantine suspicious messages temporarily. Messages are automatically released once signatures from traditional anti-virus vendors are deployed.

About IronPort Systems

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