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June 09, 2010 09:20 ET

Is Dad Running on Empty? Foot Locker Has a Jump Start That Begins With His Feet

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 9, 2010) -  The days are getting longer, and with the increase of temperature you're noticing a decrease in Dad's energy. While you have picnics and beaches and barbecues on the brain, Dad is thinking hammocks, lounge chairs, and pool noodles...

Foot Locker is promoting a healthy, active lifestyle with products that re-energize from the ground up. The right athletic shoe will ensure comfort in Dad's activities, and can also motivate him to get moving.

The Zig, Reebok's new running shoe, coined "the energy drink for your feet," is a great way to energize a long, hot day. The foam sole decreases the amount of impact on Dad's legs, allowing a quicker recovery to sore muscles.

Every marathon season, running enthusiasts worldwide marvel at the speed and poise of the barefoot Kenyan athletes. Mimicking the freedom and flexibility of sole-to-pavement, the Nike Free Run+ is not only comfortable and lightweight, but looks great when running (or manning the grill).

Another brand synonymous with comfort and athleticism is Asics. The Gel Kayano16 is designed to endure the physical demand of an elite runner. With extra-cushioning and visible pockets of Gel in the heel, this shoe could be the inspiration Dad needs to liven up his daily routine.

It's not easy to choose a shoe for someone else. Foot Locker always has experts on hand to help identify your needs -- here are a few helpful tips to consider when selecting a shoe for your dad:

  • Study his stride. Does his foot roll in or out? (HINT: You can also take a look at the wear and tear on his favorite shoes -- if it's more worn on the inside, he pronates, if it's worn on the outside, he supinates.)

  • Does he have a high arch, low arch, or normal arch? (HINT: check out his footprint when he gets out of the pool. If you can see the entire outline of his foot, he's got a low arch. Generally, the narrower the outline, the higher the arch.)

  • Try to keep his favorite color and wardrobe in mind. Your khaki-wearing dad might love a neutral-toned Nike Free, but if he likes to dress up his bright polos, the Reebok Zig offers the perfect pop of color.

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