January 08, 2014 22:22 ET

Is Decriminalising Marijuana for Legal Use Good for the Community and Economy?

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Jan. 8, 2014) - This time, one week ago the state of colourado had made history as becoming the first location in America where any person of legal age can purchase cannabis for recreational purposes. For many decades the Netherlands have been notorious for its legalised marijuana policy and several other countries as Canada, Jamaica, and the United States have decriminalised the possession of small amounts or permit use for approved medical treatment.

More recently, other parts of the world have evolved, gained awareness on the positive effects, and have followed the original pioneers of the 'legal cannabis' trend and culture, whether legalising marijuana for medical purposes, decriminalising the drug altogether, or permitting use of cannabis in restricted regions for scientific, social, or industrial purposes as Albania, who had made public notice of plans of a Free Zone for a civil society programme on humanity and agriculture, witnessed and approved by local government. ANMP organiser's hopes are to decrease illegal drug trafficking and drug related crimes associated with the infamous marijuana capital of Europe, turning the past derogatory effects of the cannabis crop in the community into notable and optimistic catalysts to increase the nation's gross national product and make job opportunities for local civilians in the farming, logistics, and hospitality industries.

A recap for the past few months on legalisation of cannabis: According to recent report from the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily, Germany announces that they would open the first cannabis cafe in Berlin, following a majority vote by the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Council in November 2013. In addition to green industry activity in Europe, on December 20, 2013 Uruguay announced the decriminalisation and legalisation for production, possession, and sale of marijuana, which shall take affect in April 2014.

The thought of other nations allowing the mega cash crop to be grown and sold for legal use in places as Albania, Romania, Germany, or Micronesia raise numerous public opinions and discussions on whether or not the results will produce more positives than negatives within the community, justice system, and the economy as Washington, California, Colorado, or Holland, where over $2.6 billion in business from Dutch cannabis cafes are made per year, generating $503 million in tax revenue, and several job opportunities from tourism.

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