January 20, 2012 14:15 ET

Is it Time to Sweeten the Pot With Stevia Corp. (STEV) or Will it Cause Your Dreams to Go from Sweet to Sour?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - Jan. 20, 2012) - RocketAlerts continues its coverage on Stevia Corp. (STEV). At RocketAlerts we look for speedboats like STEV because they provide the quick thinking investor with an opportunity to make enormous profits in a hurry. But you always have to be careful of a rogue wave that can wreck a perfectly profitable afternoon. Remember, not all that's sweet is sugar. And sugar (profits) is what you're after. STEV is making another run but is it sustainable or will it leave unsuspecting bag holders with a bittersweet aftertaste? The rocky shore is littered with bodies of many stock mariners who hastily answered the alluring call of the siren. We advise our subscribers to avoid letting their emotions overwhelm their good judgment.

At this point most of the newbies and long-term investors should be out. At RocketAlerts one of the factors we look at as a run continues is at what point the potential risks start to outweigh the potential gains. We've discovered that there are signs and events which usually signal such a reversal. The opportunity is still there but the RocketMan advises you to put your life-jacket on. Our entire focus is looking for signs and events that can foretell a stock's eventual fate. The signs are always there, but not everyone can spot them? Do you know what they are? With our proprietary Movement Precursor Predictor you can get ahead of the game. To see how you can make your profits sail further, get our absolutely FREE Newsletter by visiting our website:

At RocketAlerts we know that most investors can succeed if they cast-off on time and make it to a safe harbor before the stormy seas turn deadly. How can you succeed where many fail? By knowing which key signs and events to look for. To get the Right Stuff Know-How and the latest scoop on this stock and many others, subscribe to our FREE newsletter at:

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