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May 12, 2008 09:44 ET

Is Quechup™ Becoming the Facebook™ for 'Grown-Ups'?

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - May 12, 2008) - iDate Corporation (PINKSHEETS: IDTO) ( -- Quechup ( announces a massive increase in new member accounts, and a 400% plus increase in page views in the last month alone. is the rapidly growing social network platform experiencing a meteoric increase in website traffic. Mark Finch, the Company's CEO & Co-Founder, attributes this huge growth spike to a migration from other networking sites due to 'word-of-mouth' recommendations and a strong commitment to constantly improve Quechup's features and functionality. He also points out that Quechup is attracting many Facebook™ users that appear to have tired of the invites to install 'third-party applications' running on the Facebook™ infrastructure.

Unlike some competitors, the Quechup platform does not display a user's 'real name' nor does it show private information such as email address, telephone number or date of birth. These measures significantly increase security, and go a long way toward preventing identity theft.

A look at Alexa™, the traffic rating website owned by™, shows a three-month 'global reach' increase of 151% for Quechup, compared to just 11% for Facebook™ during the same period. Staggering statistics also appear on Google Analytics™ where page views are shown to have increased by more than 400% in the last month alone.*

In Quechup's April newsletter to its members, the Company quoted the following:

"The most exciting news this month is the Quechup development team have started work on Version 2 of Quechup, totally redeveloping the site from the ground up. While there have been several new features and updated design to the current Quechup site over the last few months we are all extremely excited about Quechup V2. Most of the work is at code level and not visible to end users, however there will be significant improvements and some exciting new features in Version 2 when it is released including:

-- A new & improved chat messenger, with 3 way chats, chat history and a friends list

-- Drag & Drop toolbar for adding friends, subscribing to blogs and favorite pictures

-- New & enhanced search features

-- Improved Blogging

-- Improved photo and album uploading

-- Multiple language options

-- New games

"Version 2 will make use of many Web 2.0 technologies, making it easier to use and more customizable for members. Perhaps most importantly, because it is being completely re-developed it will be much faster and allow for the site to grow, and new features to be added much quicker."

Overall, it looks as though Quechup has joined the major league, and is set for a very exciting year ahead.

* Alexa™ figures recorded 12th May 2008.

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