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May 07, 2008 13:24 ET

Is Your Dental Plan Out of Date? Benefits Expert Jim Edholm Explains What to Look for in Article in Employee Benefits News

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - May 7, 2008) - The last twenty-five years have seen major changes in the field of dentistry, but the same cannot be said for dental plan provisions, writes benefits thoughtleader Jim Edholm in his latest article "Is Your Dental Plan Stuck in a Time Warp?" published recently in Employee Benefits News.

"Appearances can be deceiving," writes Edholm, President of Business Benefits Insurance. "The technology has changed but not all policy language has changed with it. Therein lies the way in which your plan may be behind the times."

"Clearly, the outdated dental plan covers items that aren't necessary while not covering some that are," Edholm continues. "So your employees have to pay for treatments out of their own pocket. Truthfully, they probably choose to not have the necessary treatment -- oral problems don't seem serious on the surface -- but their long-term implications are weighty."

Edholm highlights the three predominant types of dental coverage -- Type I, Type II and Type III -- outlining both the obvious and subtle differences between them, and offering his advice for employers of all sizes as to the right fit. While many similarities exist, Edholm cites several areas in which dental coverage has become considerably more complicated, including areas such as periodontal disease, white fillings for posterior teeth, oral cancer, crown and bridge replacement and others. Edholm further notes that these issues can appear fundamentally consistent with policies of the 1980s, and warns that such an assumption for an employer can be as dangerous as it is costly.

"Ask your broker about your dental plan," he advises. "Tell him you want to have a dental plan provision analysis. If he looks dumbfounded... find a new broker!"

Jim Edholm is President of Business Benefits Insurance (BBI), an employee benefits planning firm in Andover, MA. He has worked with employers for more than 25 years and can be contacted at (978) 474-4730, via his website or via e-mail:

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