SOURCE: Dartware

September 20, 2011 09:15 ET

Is Your IT Network Ready for a Hurricane, Earthquake or Tornado? InterMapper's Monitoring and Mapping Tools Prepare You for Natural Disasters

WEST LEBANON, NH--(Marketwire - Sep 20, 2011) - With hurricane season upon us -- coming on the heels of a series of devastating weather events and natural disasters in 2011 -- a leading developer of network monitoring, mapping and alerting software is offering tips to help better prepare those responsible for increasingly critical IT networks.

"This year alone we've seen a tsunami in Japan, hurricanes along the east coast of the US, earthquakes in the mid-Atlantic states, flooding in the south and fires in Texas. While these incidents have been personally devastating for so many, we can't forget the unique challenges associated with the IT networks the world has come to depend on," said Rich Brown, CEO of Dartware, the developer of the InterMapper network monitoring, mapping and alerting tool. "Hospitals, government agencies, utilities, schools and businesses of every size and focus are all increasingly dependent on IT networks, and it is essential for these organizations and the communities they serve that any interruption is limited and that recovery is as quick and efficient as possible when disasters strike."

Building on its experience working with network administrators to monitor and troubleshoot IT networks, Dartware asks these questions to help organizations prepare for natural disasters:

  • Do you have a network map -- a documented visual representation of your network -- that will enable you to see the state of your most critical devices?
  • Do you understand the historical behavior of your network -- how data passes between critical routers, switches, and servers -- so that you can recognize changes in response time, packet loss and other metrics?
  • Have you backed up the network monitoring, mapping and alerting systems that protect these resources -- ideally at remote sites?
  • When disaster strikes, are you prepared to suppress all alarms and alerts to avoid being overwhelmed with notifications?
  • Do you have a plan in place to prioritize your response and troubleshooting efforts, so that when devices start to fail you know which ones you need to work on first?

"Today, even small and medium-sized businesses have grown dependent on IT networks and realize that their entire operation can be wiped out in an instant by a natural disaster," said Brown. "Network administrators can't afford to wait until a disaster is about to hit to make these preparations, as it may be too late to take the steps necessary to prevent devastating downtime and data loss."

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Dartware is a leading developer of network monitoring, mapping and alerting software. Our flagship product, InterMapper® ( is an easy to configure and fully featured management tool. It is integrated with a reporting package, a Layer 2 discovery module and a robust NetFlow analyzer. Available for major operating systems, these innovative tools earn quick return-on-investment by proactively notifying administrators to potential hardware, software and bandwidth issues that could cause business interruptions. Powered by an extensive library of probes, its color-coded maps and graphical reports provide a real-time view of any device on the network. More than 25,000 IT professionals worldwide use InterMapper as a cost-effective way to maximize network uptime.

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