March 27, 2007 09:00 ET

ISC Releases the Fastest Version Yet of BIND 9, the Market Leading DNS Software

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 27, 2007 --Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC) announced that the latest version of its market leading open source DNS software, BIND 9.4, is available for download at The software was released as final on February 23rd and over 35,000 downloads from ISC's site have been recorded since that time. BIND 9.4 incorporates a significant performance increase resulting in faster query response times and several new features including support for DLZ (dynamically loaded zones).

Usually, all Internet or network transactions, from sending an email to finding a website or even sending a presentation to a printer, begin with a Domain Name System (DNS) query. A DNS query is how computers translate a human readable name such as or "color_printer_2nd_floor" to a network address that a computer can find. ISC's BIND software is considered the most complete reference implementation of the DNS protocol and has been since it was released under an ISC license in 1996. BIND, and the many products based upon BIND, run on over 80% of the publicly visible nameservers on the Internet.

"Each release takes on a defining characteristic. This time it was performance. BIND performance, especially when running on multi-processor systems, has been significantly improved. An additional performance-enhancing cache mechanism was added as another option for any system," commented Brian Reid, director of software engineering at ISC. These performance improvements were made in a research partnership with the WIDE Project and Toshiba Corporation of Japan. (Details of this work can be found at:

To achieve the performance increase an improved locking architecture and the ability to read pre-compiled zones were added. Support for SPF and IPSECKEY Resource Record Types is now also included in BIND 9.4. With the assistance of the community project of the same name, DLZ support (dynamically loaded zones) became part of the core BIND code. Support for specific database drivers remains part of the contributed code section of the release. Numerous other small features have been added. A complete listing can be found at:

BIND is licensed and released as open source software. We continue to welcome the support of the Internet community beginning with providing input to the product plans and continuing thorough testing of alpha, beta and final releases. Since the first alpha release of BIND 9.4 in May of this year, over 53,000 copies have been downloaded from, not including downloads from the numerous mirror sites. Testing of this scale and scope is invaluable for an application so fundamental to the workings of the Internet. ISC works aggressively with the community to address security issues found in supported versions of BIND.

ISC offers direct software support options for BIND at different levels from 24x7 phone & email coverage to next day email support. A few of the businesses that recognize the importance of DNS to their ongoing operations and are supported by ISC include Afilias, Fujitsu Services, and University of Tennessee. Specific support program details are available at

"At ISC our goal is to continue to provide software that both sustains and protects the current Internet and promotes growth in new areas as they arise. We appreciate the community support from personal donations to large development project funding," stated Paul Vixie, president and founder of ISC.

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Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) ISC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation with a long history of developing and maintaining the production quality Open Source software -- BIND and DHCP. ISC has increased its focus to include enhancing the stability of the global DNS directly through reliable F-root nameserver operations and ongoing operation of a DNS crisis coordination center, ISC's OARC for DNS. ISC is also engaged with further protocol development efforts, particularly in the areas of DNS evolution and facilitating the transition to IPv6. ISC is supported by the donations of generous sponsors, program membership fees and specific fees for services. For program or donation information, please visit our website at

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