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February 19, 2013 06:30 ET

ISC8 Unveils Malware Research Team to Advance Cybersecurity Solutions Through Analyses, Discovery, and Customer Detection Reports

ISC8's Cybersecurity Analyzes Malware Behavior and Sophisticated Threats That Currently Exist Within the Network

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2013) - ISC8® Inc. (OTCBB: ISCI) ("ISC8" or the "Company"), a provider of intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced further company growth with the establishment of ISC8's Malware Research Team (MRT). The MRT is made up of an elite group of network security researchers, advisors, analysts, and engineers. Each member brings a dynamic blend of inventive malware expertise the combination of which delivers precision knowledge that will be incorporated into the Cyber adAPT ™ solution. Cyber adAPT is aimed at identifying advanced threats in enterprise, service provider and defense networks for unknown threats that commonly hide deep in the network's core.

Advanced malware that evades signature-based detection has increased by almost 400 percent in the last two years, underscoring the tremendous challenge and growing need for advanced cybersecurity solutions. ISC8's Malware Research Team is critical to the advancement of ISC8's Cyber adAPT solution to detect next generation threats. The team analyzes advanced malware threats from around the world for unique signs and attributes, characterizes their behaviors, and extrapolates this research to locate emerging threats never before seen. The formation of ISC8's Cybersecurity Division has lead to the expansion of the MRT. While they serve different goals, the MRT is strictly in place to protect our customers and advance threat knowledge. The knowledge and insight from the MRT will be incorporated into our system exclusively for our Cyber adAPT customers.

While the MRT is strictly in place to protect our customers, the team will also collect extensive knowledge regarding the behavior of targeted attacks and advanced malware. Network security professionals struggle to keep up with these attacks capable of changing their signatures every 7-10 seconds. The cost of these breaches and threats are growing; simply look at some of the headlines "Flame" created, not to mention the damage and loss of critical data. ISC8 aims to change the paradigm, identify the threat and allow the customer to execute on an incident response plan versus looking at what has already happened.

"Support, advise, research, and signature-based protection are all important; Cyber adAPT and the MRT go beyond simply 'feeling safe' but ISC8's aim is to provide corporations with cybersecurity solutions that will analyze, detect, locate, and alert to the most sophisticated threats," said Keith Rhodes, Head of ISC8's Cybersecurity Development. "Corporations need to trust that their private information and their assets are secure. Cyber adAPT incorporates that knowledge and insight from the MRT research to deliver on advanced threat detection."

For years, it has been public knowledge that the security systems protecting global networks have a diminishing rate of success against advanced malware. Currently, service providers and enterprises run on networks that can no longer detect the complex behaviors of sophisticated hidden malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). The fiscal bottom line is this: If your system is in the majority and must be updated frequently, you will spend money frequently. If you don't update it frequently, you will experience more attacks, and spend more money on post-mortem analysis using forensic analysis teams and data recovery. ISC8's Cybersecurity offers a solution to these growing costs.

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ISC8 is actively engaged in the development and sale of intelligent cybersecurity solutions for commercial and government environments worldwide. ISC8's Cyber products are aimed at detecting next-generation malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). ISC8 provides hardware, software and service offerings for Malware Threat Detection leveraging its history in anti-tamper, secure memories, high-speed processors, and miniaturized sensors -- all technologies it has developed. ISC8 was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. For more information about ISC8 visit