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June 04, 2012 08:00 ET

iSECUREtrac Partnership With Daytona Beach Police Department Significantly Drops Juvenile Arrests

OMAHA, NE--(Marketwire - Jun 4, 2012) - iSECUREtrac Corp (OTCBB: ISEC), an industry leader in electronic monitoring solutions, in conjunction with the Daytona Beach Police Department, released juvenile arrest statistics showing a significant drop in juvenile arrests from 2010 to 2011.

Not only did the total number of juvenile arrests decrease 7% from 2010 to 2011, but specifically juvenile auto theft arrests dropped by 53%, and there was a drastic 61% decrease in the number of car burglary arrests. A contributing factor to the decrease in juvenile arrests is attributed to the implementation of the Juvenile Electronic Monitoring (JEM) Program in conjunction with additional collaborative efforts provided by external agencies.

The Juvenile Electronic Monitoring (JEM) Program had its beginnings in 2010 when the Chief of Police in Daytona Beach, Chief Michael Chitwood, made a decision to do something about the increasing number of day-time juvenile arrests -- specifically arrests of juveniles in connection with auto theft and car burglaries.

The Juvenile Electronic Monitoring (JEM) Program is a collaborative effort between iSECUREtrac, the Daytona Police Department and several other agencies in an attempt redirect juvenile offenders through behavior modification techniques. According to Chief Chitwood, "The JEM Program is an individualized program designed to meet the needs of each juvenile participant. The participants are more than just a number or name; they are human beings. Many of these youth are faced with adult issues that range from raising their siblings to becoming teenage parents, as young as 14 years of age; however, most importantly, they are our future. If these youth continue down the path that they are currently on there is a good probability they will end up in prison or dead.

"The JEM Program attempts to break the cycle of juvenile delinquency in the City of Daytona Beach by providing each youth with an opportunity to succeed and to be the best person they can possibly be. JEM is an innovative program that is doing things no one else has previously tried. Furthermore, the program continues to evolve -- if something does not work, we will examine the approach, modify the technique, and try something new to meet the holistic needs of the juvenile participants. Everyone involved in the JEM Program understands that all we do is to try to promote success. We understand we cannot change everyone, but if we make a difference in one person's life, JEM has been successful, and that success is priceless."

According to Lincoln Zehr, CEO of iSECUREtrac, "The associates at iSECUREtrac are proud to be a part of Chief Chitwood's programs. The goals of the JEM program and the core belief that making a difference in a single young adult's life is priceless is very consistent with iSECUREtrac's corporate vision and mission. We don't want to simply be a provider of equipment to our customers -- we want to be a partner with our customers in changing peoples' lives and the JEM Program in Daytona is a great example."

Zehr believes there are several reasons the JEM Program has been so successful. "First, the people involved in this program, from top to bottom, are committed to making a difference in these young adults' lives. I have observed first-hand the passion these people have for making a difference in young adults' lives. Second, they effectively utilize electronic monitoring as part of a much broader initiative including a Life Skills Program, including the Saturday School -- and third, they have developed tremendous support from the community."

The Life Skills Program addresses the fact that many of these juveniles do not have the basic skills needed to sustain themselves; skills such as filling out job applications, interviews, knowing what to wear to an interview. This program has sparked an interest within the community. Guest and motivational speakers that participated with Life Skills included Deputy Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Police Officers, Civilian Personnel and even people that have no association with the Police Department.

The Saturday School is a voluntary community resource, which is part of the Life Skills Program. Saturday School gives the youths a chance to receive one-on-one homework assistance and a Pre-GED assistance to assist them with their education. Many of these youths are functioning at elementary and middle school levels, yet they are attending high schools in our community. Several youths have trouble reading, understanding basic math concepts, and writing complete sentences. Some of the participants are embarrassed because of their academic deficiencies, which contributes to their behavioral issues in school. One of the juveniles stated, "This is the best teacher I have ever had" -- all because someone took time out of his or her day to help.

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