iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.

July 21, 2015 10:49 ET

iSIGN Media Announces That Select Marathon Locations Will Start Brand Advertising to Generate Revenue

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 21, 2015) - iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. ("iSIGN" or "Company") (TSX VENTURE:ISD) (OTCQX:ISDSF), a leading provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions that serves brands, commercial locations, retailers and service providers throughout North America today announced an expansion of advertising in the National Mobile Network ("NMN").

The results of the Golden Pantry Food Stores ("Golden Pantry") 90-day pilot that concluded in Atlanta last month underscored what Marathon Petroleum Corporation ("Marathon") store owners in the NMN already knew - iSIGN's technology is a very effective tool to drive in-store traffic and lift sales. While a number of Marathon stores in the NMN have utilized iSIGN's Smart Antenna successfully to execute proximity-to-mobile advertising for some time, the measured success of the Golden Pantry pilot has reinvigorated some store owners' use of the iSIGN technology, inspiring an expanded campaign. Brands to be immediately included in this expansion are Swisher, Pringles, Mars, and Coca-Cola products, with hopes that the Marathon store owners will realize similar results to the pilot which was reported by Golden Pantry to range from an 11% to 26% lift in advertised product sales. In addition to the brand advertisements aimed at increasing product sales, multi-brand initiatives will be conducted in the energy drink category, to assess the store owners' ability to influence product preference utilizing iSIGN's patented technology.

Brett Bair, owner of four Marathon stores in northern Indiana is a big proponent of this expansion and has been a fan of the technology from the first month the iSIGN Smart Antenna was installed in his stores. He has been using the iSIGN technology to drive in-store sales, as well as to drive gas sales, which he says has increased year-over-year "by as much as 8,000 gallons in a single month."

This initial expansion of iSIGN's NMN is the start of what iSIGN sees as regular ongoing growth of Smart Antenna installations, leading to its goal of a 10,000 Smart Antenna NMN by the end of April 2016. The NMN will also include the recently announced 2,000 locations with Dynamic Digital Sign Solutions, LLC, as participating brands finalize their choice of selected sites.

"We look forward to receiving signed contracts from a growing number of brands and their agencies," stated Alex Romanov, iSIGN's Chief Executive Officer. "We are convinced that as other brands and advertisers see the results being realized from these proximity marketing campaigns, the acquisition of more advertising revenue will become easier and quicker. In addition, we expect that as other chains realize the benefits to be derived from our products, such as increased store foot-traffic, along with increased sales and improved profits, growth of the NMN will increase at a faster pace as well."

"Our trials have proven to both stores and brands that people are very willing to accept advertising on their mobile devices and, provided that the messaging is compelling to the shopper, will act upon the messages," added Mr. Romanov. "The reporting that our back-end system delivers was of major interest to all parties - information that the advertisers and brands as well as the stores can use to their added benefit."

iSIGN's Smart Antennas are light-weight proximity messaging units that can be used locally or networked nationally. Our technology does not require the creation and maintenance of costly apps and related downloads in order to receive and view messages and, as messages are delivered by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, there is no cost to the recipient. All interactions with iSIGN's technology is completely anonymous, in that no information is gathered that can be used to identify the recipient of the messaging.

About iSIGN Media

iSIGN Media, based in Toronto, is a data-focused, software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is a pioneering leader in gathering point-of-sale data and mobile shopper preferences to generate actionable data and reveal valuable consumer insights. Creators of the Smart suite of products, a patented interactive proximity marketing technology, iSIGN enables brands to deliver targeted messaging, personalized offers and loyalty perks to consumers' mobile devices in proximity and with real-time proof of redemption. iSIGN's data gathering capabilities provide analytics on price points, typical purchases, in-store dwell time and other shopper metrics that identify emerging consumer behaviors. These insights enable smarter business decisions and provide increased ROI metrics for more transparent marketing. iSIGN delivers relevant, timely messages on an opt-in basis at no charge to consumers, transmitting rich media to consumer mobile devices via Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity in complete privacy as opposed to iBeacons, apps, downloads and required surrendering of personal information. Proven to increase brand engagement and customer loyalty, iSIGN generates preference-based, predictive "clean data" without compromising consumer privacy. Partners include: IBM, Keyser Retail Solutions, Baylor University, Verizon Wireless, TELUS and AOpen America Inc.

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