iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.

June 26, 2015 07:00 ET

iSIGN Media's Successful Trials Drives Footprint and Brand Expansion

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 26, 2015) - iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. ("iSIGN" or "Company") (TSX VENTURE:ISD)(OTCQX:ISDSF), a leading provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions that serves brands, commercial locations, retailers and service providers throughout North America, today provided an update on its Smart Antenna trials at 38 outlets of the Golden Pantry Food Store ("Golden Pantry") chain of convenience stores located in the greater Atlanta Georgia area and the various brands that utilized our technology for broadcasting of messaging.

Trials with three of the major brands commenced in early February 2015, while the fourth brand commenced in late March 2015. All trials have now concluded and the results have been delivered to all brands.

The trial results have proved beyond a doubt that iSIGN's patented technology provides a sales lift to advertisers utilizing our solution. The results showed that the brands and the proprietary Golden Pantry products being advertised enjoyed a sales lift ranging from 10 to 26% during the trial period.

Meetings have been held with the brands to review and discuss trial results. In these meetings presentations were made on their expansion into the growing National Mobile Network ("NMN") in the Marathon/National convenience store and gas station locations in Indiana and Ohio. Details of the existing locations as well as for the additional 150 locations that have been scheduled for installation are being gathered and delivered to the brands as they have requested. This information, consisting of addresses, customer demographics, major products carried, product distributors that each location deals with, etc has been requested in order to help the brands to determine what locations they wish to advertise in.

In addition to negotiations with the brands, iSIGN continues to negotiate with potential convenience store/gas station installation sites for our Smart Antennas. Convenience stores ("c-stores") are a targeted channel given their demographics. There are approximately 150,000 plus c-stores in the United States, with approximately $700 billion in annual revenue with approximately 139 million shoppers daily. In addition, there are approximately 126,600 c-stores linked to gas stations in the United States that have 139 million customers a day. Of these customers, 37%, or 51 million people pay at the pump and do not enter the c-store. The 88 million who do go into the store spend on average $4.85 per visit. Margins on store products average about 22.4% vs. roughly 5.1% on gas. Our existing NMN installations at Marathon/National Oil locations have resulted in an increase in foot traffic of 10 to 12 % and increased revenues and profit margins.

Subsequent to the asset purchase of Graphic Media and Engage Mobile Media Solutions, iSIGN has directly opened negotiations with one of our US based resellers and one of their clients for a potential installation of 2,000 locations. Details for these potential locations are being gathered for delivery to the major brands that have recently completed their trials, as well as other brands identified as prime candidates for mobile advertising, for review to determine their suitability as sites to advertise from. Potential revenue from this installation only, based upon eight advertisers per location would exceed $5.8 million annually.

About iSIGN Media

iSIGN Media, based in Toronto, is a data-focused, software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is a pioneering leader in gathering point-of-sale data and mobile shopper preferences to generate actionable data and reveal valuable consumer insights. Creators of the Smart suite of products, a patented interactive proximity marketing technology, iSIGN enables brands to deliver targeted messaging, personalized offers and loyalty perks to consumers' mobile devices in proximity and with real-time proof of redemption. iSIGN's data gathering capabilities provide analytics on price points, typical purchases, in-store dwell time and other shopper metrics that identify emerging consumer behaviors. These insights enable smarter business decisions and provide increased ROI metrics for more transparent marketing. iSIGN delivers relevant, timely messages on an opt-in basis at no charge to consumers, transmitting rich media to consumer mobile devices via Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity in complete privacy as opposed to iBeacons, apps, downloads and required surrendering of personal information. Proven to increase brand engagement and customer loyalty, iSIGN generates preference-based, predictive "clean data" without compromising consumer privacy. Partners include: IBM, Keyser Retail Solutions, Baylor University, Verizon Wireless, TELUS and AOpen America Inc.

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