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August 14, 2012 08:58 ET

iSimplyConnect Launches ConnectMore Offering

To Meet Demand From Enterprises, the Cloud Based iPad VPN Service Offers a New Tailored Solution

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Aug 14, 2012) - iSimplyConnect, an Asavie Technologies Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Virtual Private Network (VPN) for iOS devices, today announced the availability of ConnectMore, a new offering to fit the unique needs of large enterprises looking for secure on-demand VPN access from anywhere in the world. ConnectMore fulfills iSimplyConnect's ongoing commitment to delivering flexibility for clients of all types and to meet the growing demand for cost-efficient pricing options for enterprise customers. 

In April the company unveiled a cloud-based, enterprise-grade VPN platform that enables SMBs to have the same secure remote network access that Fortune 500 companies hold as standard. As iPad usage grows, and BYOD becomes the norm, companies needs have increased and ConnectMore was the result. ConnectMore is a new addition to the iSimplyConnect service, in direct response to demands from larger companies who are keen to empower even more of their people with tools to drive productivity. They recognized the benefit of a remote access product that actually works within the framework of existing security and infrastructure, and not outside of it. ConnectMore offers more savings with a greater number of possible devices, and with the same access speeds and security standards. iSimplyConnect is cutting capital expenditure in favor of a flexible operational spend -- enforcing the benefits of SaaS for larger clients while avoiding the pitfalls of using the cloud. 

"After many conversations with enterprises looking for a turnkey solution currently unavailable on the market, the iSimplyConnect team couldn't be happier to offer ConnectMore. Originally developed for SMBs needing a secure way to connect 'behind the firewall' applications and information to its iPad enabled warriors, the service has evolved to meet our clients' needs," said Ralph Shaw, CEO of Asavie Technologies. "Our prompt response to the trend of iPad VPN is ultimately a testament to iSimplyConnect's scalability and flexibility. As demand and needs grow or change, iSimplyConnect is able to meet them."

iSimplyConnect's ConnectMore provides direct access to business tools -- including SharePoint, Oracle, SAP and other custom applications. It offers secure, authenticated remote network access for iPads and iPhones. With tailored pricing options that apply to 51 - 5,000 devices; with one quick install, enterprises can seamlessly scale from a handful of devices to many thousand. Flexibility for each unique mobile enterprise environment is unmatched through personalized customer support and payment options that allow for quick and easy adding and removal of devices, and a pay-as-you-go structure. Increased savings are achieved as more devices are added by the enterprise clients.

"iSimplyConnect's uptick in adoption is sprawling, and we continue to reach customers across diverse industries such as law enforcement, healthcare and financial services," said CEO Ralph Shaw. "By knowing and understanding our customer-base, we continue to uncover the common threads and offer iSimplyConnect as an essential business tool flexible enough to meet unique needs."

To learn more about iSimplyConnect, visit or have your organization download a free trial offering at

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