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April 03, 2012 08:59 ET

iSimplyConnect Launches First Enterprise Class, Mass-Market VPN for iPads -- as a Simple Monthly Service

Challenging Big Players Like Cisco and Juniper With a Cost Effective, On-Demand Solution for Remote Network-Level Access

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Apr 3, 2012) - Asavie Technologies, a leading provider of on-demand solutions that accelerate the secure exchange of information between people, applications and devices, today launched iSimplyConnect, a Software-as-a-Service remote access Virtual Private Network (VPN) for iOS devices. The first of its kind, iSimplyConnect is an on-demand service that provides users with a falling-down-simple, easy to use enterprise level security virtual private network (VPN) solution. iSimplyConnect brings instant, direct access to iPad users' office networks from anywhere in the world for pennies on the dollar with no long term commitments.

As personal iOS devices quickly become extensions into workplaces of all sizes, iSimplyConnect immediately becomes the de facto VPN tool to companies who support the Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) trend. For project managers, iSimplyConnect supplies them with the ability to control network access for specific projects to individual employees, freelancers, contractors, remote workers and road reps with the 'flip of a switch' from anywhere in the world. For employees that use company owned or personal devices, the full potential of a networked iPad is unlocked, eliminating the need to carry a much bulkier and heavier laptop. A simple three step set up, the VPN automatically grants access and connects the user to company resources on-the-go; working effectively from anywhere got a whole lot easier.

"With more managers working from out of the office than ever before, it's important we provide remote employees with instant access to the network without compromising on security. Unless huge amounts of money were spent on new hardware installations, it was impossible for the organization to budget these additional costs till now," said Clint Andrea, Information Systems Director, Northern Star Council Boy Scouts of America. "Since the launch of iSimplyConnect, we now have a cost effective VPN that saves everyone time, money and has really made a difference, not only to productivity but to work life balance too."

Organizations, technical teams, iOS users and executive management using iSimplyConnect have real IPSec VPN with on-demand access to their network protected by digital certificates. Eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware upgrades, iPhone and iPad users launch with a simple tap of the application with no security compromise to an organization's firewall, as if they were physically in the office. Unlike other solutions, iSimplyConnect is a full network connection directly accessing the live network -- not a copy or "offline version."

"We recognized the iOS tablet as a real game-changer for today's employee. Why should the remote worker carry a heavy laptop everywhere when their own iPad has, with a little help, the potential to provide access to all the same information?" said Ralph Shaw, CEO of Asavie Technologies. "Today, employees aren't asking, they're demanding full access to their applications, intranet and the ability to work from thousands of miles away. Today's companies need an easily adaptable, secure, cost effective way to meet those demands -- and that, my friends, is where iSimplyConnect comes in."

A simple subscription with no commitments, iSimplyConnect guarantees users unlimited access, no usage restrictions, enterprise class TLS/SSL and IPSec security, 24-hour online support and more. Whether it's one or dozens of iOS devices, iSimplyConnect has four pricing plans that meet any business' budget.

To learn more about iSimplyConnect, visit or have your organization download a free trial offering at

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