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September 30, 2014 08:45 ET

IsoRay, Inc. Reports Fiscal Year 2014 Results

Reports Growing List of Major Accomplishments

RICHLAND, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2014) - IsoRay Inc. (NYSE MKT: ISR), a medical technology company and innovator in seed brachytherapy and medical radioisotope applications, announced its financial results for the quarter and year ended June 30, 2014.

In fiscal year 2014, IsoRay made significant progress in its efforts to focus on non-prostate cancer treatments and expand brachytherapy use in aggressive cancers found throughout the body. Overall, sales declined slightly, primarily due to a continuing weak prostate treatment market with less PSA screening being performed. However, recently released peer reviewed publications reporting positively on Cesium-131 in the treatment of cancer have continued to provide proof and evidence of our product's effectiveness as reported by industry leaders within the medical field. Sales to the major medical centers that originally performed many of the efficacy studies on Cesium-131 remain strong and continue to order beyond the initial studies. Orders exceeding the established study minimums required for statistical significance imply that the product must be working well for these institutions. These early adopters are seeing firsthand the results being achieved even though time must elapse, allowing their data to mature, prior to any publication of the results. Management believes market interest is growing in the following areas: the treatment of brain cancers (meningiomas, brain metastases and glioblastomas); lung cancer (NSCLC); gynecological cancer; prostate cancer; head and neck cancer; and liquid Cesium-131 in the GliaSite® Radiation Therapy System, used to treat brain cancers.

IsoRay Chairman and CEO Dwight Babcock commented, "2014 was a monumental year in the number of achievements IsoRay completed, particularly for a company our size. We are committed to positioning IsoRay as the premier brachytherapy company offering cancer solutions throughout the body. We are now actively soliciting new institutions based on our published results, in an effort to have them join existing studies or start their own. In the future we expect to have additional reports reflecting similar successes as the early adopters have achieved. Currently, we are attracting new centers based on published results and new major medical centers are applying for licenses and joining multi institutional studies or initiating their own. IsoRay's products for both prostate and other cancers continue to receive great reviews with numerous papers being submitted for publication and early stage posters/abstracts being presented at various medical society conventions. Cesium-131, I can confidently say, is the isotope of the future and will prove to be the premier isotope providing safe and effective cancer treatment throughout the body with a strong emphasis on quality of life."

Major milestones achieved during the 2014 fiscal year include:

  • IsoRay's Cesium-131 was used for the first time in treating colon cancer.
  • FDA cleared the use of liquid Cesium-131 (Cesitrex®) in the GliaSite® Radiation Therapy Balloon Catheter System.
  • Gynecologic Oncologic published the first peer reviewed report showing the efficacy of Cesium-131 for gynecological cancer - "Implementation and early clinical results utilizing Cs-131 permanent interstitial implants for gynecologic malignancies."
  • IsoRay's liquid Cesium-131 (Cesitrex®) was used with GliaSite® in treating metastatic brain cancer.
  • IsoRay added two new international distributors operating in Russia and Peru.
  • Cesium-131 was used for the first time to treat a recurrent metastatic Wilms Tumor.
  • IsoRay's Cesium-131 seeded mesh was used for the first time for advanced rectal cancer.
  • IsoRay completed a major capital raise providing substantial capitalization.
  • A substantial percentage of IsoRay's outstanding warrants were exercised.
  • Cesium-131 seeds were selected to be stranded for use with C-4 Imaging's new positive MRI markers.
  • IsoRay was added to the Russell Microcap Index.
  • IsoRay's subsidiary in May completed an annual audit ISO13485:2330 from BSI (British Standards Institution) with no nonconformities, confirming IsoRay's manufacturing and quality assurance systems.
IsoRay, Inc. and Subsidiaries
Consolidated Statements of Operations
    Year ended  
    June 30,  
    2014     2013  
Product sales   $ 4,219,158     $ 4,525,233  
Cost of product sales     4,415,629       4,375,057  
  Gross profit / (loss)     (196,471 )     150,176  
Operating expenses:                
  Research and development expenses     668,803       627,107  
  Sales and marketing expenses     1,234,725       1,296,149  
  General and administrative expenses     2,488,219       2,294,173  
    Total operating expenses     4,391,747       4,217,429  
    Operating loss     (4,588,218 )     (4,067,253 )
Non-operating income (expense):                
  Interest income     12,113       664  
  Change in fair value of warrant liability     (1,382,134 )     210,000  
  Financing and interest expense     (883 )     (7 )
    Non-operating income (expense), net     (1,370,904 )     210,657  
Net loss     (5,959,122 )     (3,856,596 )
  Preferred stock deemed dividends (Note 11)     (726,378 )     -  
  Preferred stock dividends     (10,632 )     (10,632 )
Net loss applicable to                
common shareholders   $ (6,696,132 )   $ (3,867,228 )
Basic and diluted loss per share   $ (0.16 )   $ (0.11 )
Weighted average shares used in computing net loss per share:                
Basic and diluted     42,675,158       34,423,420  

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.

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