SOURCE: Israel Palestinian Cooperative for Economic Expansion

Israel Palestinian Cooperative for Economic Expansion

March 27, 2013 07:58 ET

Israel Palestinian Cooperative for Economic Expansion Welcomes Dr. Aziz Darawsha, Director for Emergency Services at Hadassah University Medical Center Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, as Regional Medical Advisor

WOODBURY, CT--(Marketwire - Mar 27, 2013) - Israel Palestinian Cooperative for Economic Expansion welcomed Dr. Aziz Darawsha, Director for Emergency Services at Hadassah University Medical Center Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, as an IPCEE Regional Medical Advisor.

Rob Zwang, President of IPCEE, said, "We are excited to have such an accomplished leader in the field of emergency medicine as our IPCEE Regional Medical Advisor. He understands how a well-run hospital works and what we can contribute to move our important agenda forward. The international non-profit's mission is to encourage peace and peaceful cooperation between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the West Bank by promoting social and economic development through individual and sector specific institutional cross-border relationships."

Mr. Zwang explained, "Our ultimate goal is designed to raise healthcare capacity and delivery in the West Bank to world-class standards. IPCEE's healthcare initiative seeks to provide training to Palestinian medical personnel to improve the quality of care for everyone in the area. Working together toward a common goal fosters collaborative cross-border relationships that strengthen Palestinian self-determination and ultimately, independence. Toward this end, IPCEE has organized an international team of partners in the field of healthcare that support our initiative."

Dr. Darawsha is serving his second term as President for Israel's Emergency Medical Association, and is the first Arab to serve as Director of Emergency Services at Hadassah-Hospital Ein Kerem. The doctor said, "I received offers from other big centers of medicine and declined them. I came to Hadassah because I knew it was the best hospital in the Middle East, and one of the best in the world."

Mr. Zwang described Doctor Darawsha as, "brilliant and passionate, and he views critical issues facing Israelis and Palestinians with a discerning and pragmatic understanding. In a region that is extremely diverse, knowing how to reach others in a way they relate to a situation is essential. Aziz understands what is said whether you speak Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, Yiddish, Spanish or Bulgarian. Having such a diverse knowledge of languages by itself is not enough; one must also have the nuanced understanding of cultures and respect for each person's individuality."

IPCEE looks forward to this new relationship with Dr. Darawsha, and hopes to include Hadassah as part of its healthcare initiative team -- providing short and long-term fellowships and internships to train nurses and physicians in various disciplines, including emergency medicine.

IPCEE is concurrently working to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, reduce neighborhood tensions, combat community deterioration, and improve economic conditions and opportunities in Israel and in the West Bank. It seeks creative solutions, which offer inspiration and renewed hope for a peaceful future between Israelis and Palestinians while creating opportunities on the ground for mutually beneficial collaboration. IPCEE will provide grants as well as help to raise capital to advance quality health care and access for the poor and underserved.

More information about IPCEE is available online at or contact Robert Zwang, President at or (203) 707-3078.