SOURCE: Isthmus Partners LLC

June 03, 2014 08:00 ET

Isthmus Partners, LLC Launches in Madison, WI; Independent Investment Advisor Firm to Focus on Long-Term Growth, Capital Preservation

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - Jun 3, 2014) - Four of Wisconsin's most experienced investment professionals have partnered up to open Isthmus Partners, LLC (Isthmus Partners), an investment management firm based in Madison. The 100% equity-financed and SEC registered firm will provide customized investment management solutions to individual and institutional clients.

Co-founders Frank Gambino, David Hackworthy, Joel McNeil, and Victor Rodriguez have worked together since 2003. Collectively, Isthmus Partners has more than 100 years of industry experience.

"Over time, we have recognized the importance of exercising full operating control within the construct of a registered investment advisory practice," says Frank Gambino, Chief Equity Strategist. "Going independent allows us to optimize resources directed towards investment management and advising clients."

There will be service continuity with clients: The same individuals who made 100% of the investment decisions and generated top-quartile equity performance are now owners of Isthmus Partners. Also owners are the same portfolio managers who oversaw client relationships and designed tailored investment strategies in their previous firm.

"As a fiduciary, it is imperative that we have the best people supported by the most sophisticated technology," confirms David Hackworthy, Chief Investment Officer, "so we can enhance our research and service tools to provide our clients with exceptional solutions."

Isthmus Partners will offer new benefits to its clients: Improved and customized reporting capabilities and a deep bench of industry-leading partners to ensure exceptional service delivery.

Isthmus Partners takes its name from the city of Madison, which is one of only two U.S. cities built on an isthmus, a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas. The name symbolizes the firm's commitment to connecting clients with their financial goals.

Isthmus Partners was founded in 2014 by four senior investment professionals who have worked together since 2003. The firm provides customized investment management solutions for both individual and institutional clients, with a focus on long-term growth and capital preservation. For more information about the firm, please visit or contact Sara Trachte at 608-396-6576 or

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