Pronexus Inc.

Pronexus Inc.

October 25, 2005 11:27 ET

ISVs Can Close More Business By Adding a Pronexus VUI to Their Mobility Solutions

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 25, 2005) -

Pronexus veoSolutions overcome cost and technology aversion hurdles to handheld mobile applications

Pronexus Inc, an IVR and speech solutions innovator who brought the power of .NET to the field, has introduced a new line of business that extends enterprise business applications with speech technology. By using Pronexus veoSolutions to add speech capability to their applications, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can offer lower-cost, readily adoptable mobility solutions based on the ubiquitous phone.

All mobile technologies address key inefficiencies of manual and paper-based systems and connect mobile workers to the enterprise in real time. However, speech delivers unique benefits that PDAs and handheld computers can't match:

- Total cost of ownership is 66% to 80% cheaper

- Deployment is less complex, no new client device is introduced

- Solution acceptance is higher where end users are less technically sophisticated and/or the original data capture involved speaking to administrative personnel

- IT management overhead is reduced

Offering 95% plus speech recognition accuracy, veoSolutions provide a seamless speech-enablement platform for existing enterprise and mobility applications. The suite, which includes veoMobile and veoSelf-service, leverages Pronexus expertise in IVR, telephony and Voice User Interface (VUI) design earned over 12 years of developing award-winning rapid application development tools and custom IVR and telephony applications.

By enhancing existing mobility applications with speech capabilities, ISVs can gain market traction for their technology solutions. "Based on discussions with end users and ISVs alike, we see a void in the mobile enterprise market that speech can fill, now and in the long term," stated Jason Flick, President of Flick Software, a mobile technology and services company that offers products and custom mobile engineering services. "For example, in healthcare there are thousands of part-time workers for whom PDA and laptop computer solutions are cost-prohibitive."

"Our research with business decision makers indicates that it will be an organization's management policies and work style, rather than the particular segment it falls into, that will determine the uptake of speech-enabled solutions," explains Jeff Fairless, a partner with Arcturus Solutions market research company. "Speech-enablement is a natural solution for both managers and employees in firms whose managers assign high value to real-time event capture regardless of location - especially when workers undertake multiple tasks daily and are reluctant to adopt technologies like PDAs."

Pronexus has been growing and aligning resources including VUI design, R&D and business development as part of their vision to deliver practical speech-based solutions. "There is no question that the market is ready for speech and that we can package the technology in a ready-to-use format," declares Gary T. Hannah, Pronexus CEO. "In March 05, we said we'd have a fall market release for veoMobile. In September this year, we announced an LOI for joint development with Mobilio to speech-enable their field force automation tool using veoMobile.

Market trials will happen before Christmas this year. Moving forward, we anticipate additional veoSolutions partners each quarter - stayed tuned."

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Founded in 1993, Pronexus Inc. is the developer of VBVoice™ and VBSALT™, the only Rapid Application Development toolkits for telephony and speech inside Visual Studio.NET that blend both GUI and sophisticated programming. Pronexus also provides veoSolutions, a range of turnkey applications for Microsoft Speech Server, and a complement of professional services that voice-enable a variety of industries. Comprehensive support and acclaimed training complete the firm's offerings. For more information, visit our web site at

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