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New York City, New York - AjaxWorld - March 18, 2008 - IT Mill, one of the leading experts on RIA (Rich Internet Applications), today announced a new set of tools for web application testing. With IT Mill Testing Tools the testing and quality assurance (QA) of web applications is easier than ever. New functional tests can be created and automated without any programming knowledge, using a sophisticated browser-based recorder and test automation tools.

Straightforward Test Case Recording and Replay

Testing of highly interactive Rich Internet Applications has typically required that test engineers create GUI level test cases using special test scripting tools. With IT Mill Testing Tools, an application tester or even an ordinary end user can record a new test case completely without scripting or programming knowledge.

IT Mill Testing Tools records all interaction between user and application and saves it for later use. To ensure correct application behavior, assertion points can be added simply by selecting the relevant GUI elements. Testers and developers can then replay the recorded tests and simulate the actions of the original user.

The recording and playback of test cases does not require any extra software or plugins. Users simply log in into testing system, record and assert the correct behavior of application under test and store the test case for future replay.

Automatic Regression Testing and Quality Assurance

As web application development is a continuous process, it is essential to be able to re-test every part of the system whenever new functionality or features are added. With IT Mill Testing Tools, "nightly builds" and all new releases can be automatically and reliably tested.

"During development of large RIA, a fix for one error too often leads to new problems somewhere else in the system. IT Mill Testing Tools helps developers to avoid these kinds of regression problems," explains Jani Laakso of IT Mill R&D.

Extremely Simple to Set Up

Unlike with most other testing environments the installation of IT Mill Testing Tools is very simple and requires virtually no configuration. In only a matter of minutes, the testing server is up and running and application developers, test engineers and end-users can start recording test cases.

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