September 03, 2009 02:41 ET

IT Search Firm Reports That Hiring Tempo Picks Up for Technology Companies

ITeego Says That Southern Technology Companies Are Now Aggressively Hiring

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - September 3, 2009) - ITeego, a premier IT search firm based in Los Angeles, today reported that the firm is seeing a significant increase in new hiring activity from its start-up and growth stage company clients.

"As an IT search firm, we have an inside perspective on the state of hiring within the technology sector in southern California," said Kevin Jenkins, IT Search Specialist at ITeego. "After what has been a truly dismal year, we've been receiving a steady increase of client orders since June."

While the signs of economic recovery are positive, and job market growth is evident, Mr. Jenkins remains cautiously optimistic.

"There's definitely a spike in business confidence, but it's important to keep in mind that ITeego clients are largely VC funded start-ups and growth stage technology companies," Kevin said. "They have investment capital earmarked specifically for hiring. So they may not be the best indicators of hiring trends everywhere. Because they don't depend on profit to finance growth, a slow economy has little impact on their hiring agenda."

The recent uptick in hiring makes sense. According to ITeego, now is an advantageous time for growth stage companies to start hiring. An imminent economic recovery in combination with a high number of quality candidates on the market due to widespread downsizing makes recruiting a priority for these types of companies.

"Start-ups and growth stage businesses are much more flexible and nimble than large established corporations. That is one significant hiring advantage they have over high profile employer brands. So they see today as an opportunity to stock up on talent and are wisely doing so before the popular employer brands get back into the hiring game. Once that happens, they lose their hiring advantage of being fast and decisive," said Mr. Jenkins.

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