September 18, 2006 20:50 ET

IT Sector Supports Choice of Assistant Secretary

WASHINGTON, DC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 18, 2006 -- The Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council (IT SCC) and the Information Technology-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) today applauded the Department of Homeland Security's appointment of Greg Garcia as Assistant Secretary for Cyber and Telecommunications.

"The IT sector, through the Sector Coordinating Council and the ISAC, looks forward to working collaboratively with Greg to improve the security of the IT and Communications infrastructure," said Guy Copeland, chair of the IT SCC and also vice president and Special Assistant to the CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation. "Consolidating responsibility for the IT and Communications Sector under one individual is the right action since the IT and Communications sectors are closely linked and propel today's global economy," said Copeland.

John Sabo, president of the IT-ISAC and Director, Security and Privacy Initiatives for CA, Inc., commented, "Greg is a superb choice for this critical role. He has first-hand knowledge of the resources and capabilities that industry is contributing to operational, trusted information sharing systems such as the IT-ISAC, and the importance of improved operational interaction between the IT and Communications sectors with DHS and other government-managed operational systems. We look forward to a strong and effective working relationship."

VeriSign's Michael Aisenberg, vice chair of the IT SCC, observed that one of the top priorities of the new assistant secretary would be overseeing the development and implementation of the IT and Communications Sector Specific Plans. "While it is important that the IT Sector Specific Plan is being developed collaboratively by industry and government, the real test will come when we are all implementing our respective responsibilities under the Sector Specific Plan during an attack. The experience and relationships we have been building during the process of developing these plans will be enormously important to operational success in the future. Greg's knowledge of the issues and players as he assumes his leadership role will be key to this," said Aisenberg.

Philip Reitinger, vice president of the IT-ISAC and Microsoft's director, Trustworthy Computing -- DC, stated: "The IT-ISAC looks forward to enhancing the protection of critical infrastructures and homeland security through joint work with DHS and Greg to improve the response capabilities of the public/private sectors."

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The Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council was established on January 27, 2006 for the purposes of bringing together companies, associations, and other key IT sector participants on a regular basis to coordinate strategic activities and communicate broad sector member views associated with infrastructure protection, response and recovery that are broadly relevant to the IT Sector. The IT sector envisions a secure, resilient, and protected global information infrastructure that can rapidly restore services if affected by an emergency or crisis, ensuring the continued and efficient function of information technologies, infrastructures and services for people, governments, and businesses worldwide. More information is online at

About the IT-ISAC

Comprised of leading companies of the IT Sector, the Information Technology-Information Sharing and Analysis Center is the operational component of the IT Sector, providing members a trusted, confidential and secure forum for exchanging information on threats to, and vulnerabilities of, the Information Infrastructure. More information is online at

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