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A Tasting of Wines from Italy

A Tasting of Wines from Italy

November 04, 2013 13:39 ET

Italian Trade Commission Showcases Harvest of Finest Italian Wines, Sows Seeds for Future Trade Through Annual Canadian Wine Tasting Tour

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 4, 2013) -

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A traveling trade show from Italy has landed and is leaving a trace of tickled taste buds across four major Canadian cities. "A Tasting of Wines from Italy", the official exhibit of Italian wines ready for global export and consumption, landed in Vancouver on October 28 and took Toronto by storm today as part of an annual visit that reaches its conclusion in Montreal on Wednesday. Now in its 18th year, the event showcases the best in Italian wines - more than 350 bottles - and provides a forum for the Canadian wine industry to connect with Italian producers, agencies and distributors.

"In the world of Italian wines, there's nothing quite like it in Canada," said Pasquale Bova, Trade Commissioner. "It's not so much an event as it is an important annual reunion. You'll find wine lovers who gather around the artists and craftspersons who produce the product and bring it to market."

When the tour concludes in Montreal on Wednesday, organizers expect it will have attracted more than 4,000 participants from the hospitality industry including restaurateurs, hoteliers, sommeliers, buyers from government agencies, and members of the media. The delegation from Italy includes close to 102 wineries representing 15 regions of Italy. With such a strong contingent of Italian wines and wine industry professionals, the tour provides Canadian counterparts with an unparalleled view into the latest trends in wine production, wine consumption and sustainable winemaking practices.

"Canadians have a heightened appreciation for Italian wines, for both our classics as well as our next wave of producers," said Commissioner Bova. "On the whole, their palates are as sophisticated and knowledgeable as any around the world. Canadians appreciate a good wine and so we're delighted to give industry insiders the chance to meet the winemakers and purveyors in an up-close and personal way."

The total value of Italian wine exports to Canada has doubled in the past ten years, earning Canada the unlikely status of fifth-largest export market for Italian wines. The past three years have seen continued growth - 28.7 per cent in 2010 (245 million Euro / 668,000 hectolitres), four per cent in 2011 (255 million Euro / 693,000 hectolitres) and 11 per cent in 2012 (283 million Euro / 713,000 hectolitres). Forecasts for this year continue the growth pattern for Italian imports. The first half of 2013 saw the exports of wines to Canada grow by 1.9 per cent compared to the same period in 2012.

Top Trends coming out of A Tasting of Wines from Italy:

1. Indigenous varieties: in Jancis Robison's latest seminal tome, Wine Grapes, Italy garners the largest share of unique, local grape varieties covered, some 330+ out of about 5000 listed. Italian winemakers are confidently embracing the unique viticultural patrimony of one of the oldest wine producing nations on earth. Robinson has stated that the next edition could well incorporate over 1000 Italian grapes, a number no other country can match.
2. Organic/Biodynamic/natural wines: an increasing proportion of wines made with minimal input and intervention, focusing on original regional expressions. Less reliance on chemical palliatives, less sulfur, in sum, less oenology and more pure grape/region expression - wine made in the vineyard.
3. Quality estate bottlings: although Italy has 4000+ years of wine making and drinking culture, the focus of the last 30 years, and especially the last decade, is on estate wines, representations of place. Single vineyard/estate wines are the new norm, compared to the cooperative or generic wines of earlier times. Single vineyard bottlings are a relatively new and exciting phenomenon as, until the 1970s, estate wines were quite rare.

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