April 07, 2014 09:00 ET

iTendr Expands Into Asia Ahead of OpenTable

Nimble Canadian Tech Startup iTendr Finds Lucrative Niche Booking Restaurant Reservations For Business Diners

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 7, 2014) - Invited as a delegate aboard the Canadian Trade Mission to Hong Kong, iTendr is making its first foray out of the domestic market. "After a strong foundational year with operations in Vancouver and Toronto, we're poised to expand our marketplace first to Hong Kong then onto London," states iTendr CEO Patrick Malone, who goes on to say, "If you want New York's attention, get good reviews in London. If you want respect in Silicon Valley, be able to point to success elsewhere. Trying to break into major US markets without proper scaffolding is just wasting peoples' time."

Dominant online restaurant reservation maker OpenTable targets retail clients booking small parties but fails business diners on account of its rigid impediments prohibiting larger and last minute bookings. iTendr is a well-curated marketplace exclusive to business bookers and corporate-calibre dining establishments. The leaner approach allows for much speedier execution for the office administrator, pharmaceutical rep or hotel concierge who often has larger and last minute reservation requests from colleagues and guests.

International Association of Administrative Professionals President Phyllis Harber-Murphy is quoted in Business in Vancouver commending iTendr for saving her members "up to two hours a day" and goes on to say, "iTendr gives us the power: we're the super-consumer."

iTendr is effectively segregating the restaurant reservation market by shearing the top layer of business clients away from the congestion of OpenTable. iTendr provides its business bookers a no-cost 'Nexus Pass' straight to the smartphones of tech savvy restaurant managers and owners who have private room availability at hand and can best decide how to maximize the revenue of a restaurant's finite seating capacity by skewing their daily demographics in favour of affluent business clients. Restaurants pay iTendr recurring fees for low cost, lead generation of high value clients well down the path to purchase.

iTendr's nimble mobile technology allows restaurants that choose not to take reservations from the general public the ability to have a covert, two tier reservation system ensuring that they are not excluded from the lucrative business dining market that uniformly requires the confirmation of a reservation.

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