SOURCE: Itera International Group of Companies

November 20, 2012 06:00 ET

ITERA International Group of Companies Executive Places on Top Businessmen List

A Recent Poll Ranks the Top Businessmen in Russia -- and an Executive From ITERA International Group of Companies Made the Cut

MOSCOW--(Marketwire - Nov 20, 2012) - The Russian Public Opinion Research Center has conducted a new poll, surveying the nation's top managers and compiling a list of the most accomplished businessman from the past year. The final list includes several of Russia's business luminaries -- including one executive from ITERA International Group of Companies. ITERA is proud to announce the inclusion of Igor Makarov, the Head of ITERA, on the Research Center's list.

Makarov is included on the list not only for his role as a chief executive at ITERA International Group of Companies, but also for his position as the founder of Katusha, Russian's professional cycling World Tour team. The entry for Makarov makes note of his efforts in developing and popularizing cycling throughout the Russian nation.

ITERA International Group of Companies has issued a statement to the press, commending Makarov on his achievement. "Igor Makarov has worked tirelessly, both on behalf of his personal passions and interests and also on behalf of this company and its ever-unfolding legacy," the press statement reads. "ITERA wishes to formally congratulate our leader on his inclusion on such a prestigious list, and on the esteem in which he is held among Russia's business elite."

Makarov is ranked as the third entrant on the list. The businessmen surveyed by the Russian Public Opinion Research Group selected Yurij Milner, co-owner of the Group, as the nation's foremost business leader. Second on the list is Sergei Galitskij, co-owner of the retail giant Magnit.

Rankings were determined on the basis of achievements from the past year. Survey respondents were asked to consider business accomplishments, but also contributions to social and political causes.

"Given the criteria offered for the respondents to this survey, the inclusion of Mr. Makarov is particularly appropriate," says the press statement from ITERA International Group of companies. "Those of us who know him well know him to be a man of courage and conviction, to say nothing of his innovations within the business community."


ITERA International Group of Companies is a vertically integrated corporation founded in 1992, with dozens of enterprises in the NIS, Baltic States, Western Europe, Asia, and the United States. Since 1994, ITERA's main business activity has been natural gas. Starting in 1998, ITERA Oil and Gas Company, within the ITERA International Group of Companies, has been expanding its own gas production in the Yamal-Nenets region of Russia and has invested over $2 billion into infrastructure. Overall, over 250 billion cubic meters of gas were produced at ITERA's gas fields. The total volume of gas sold by ITERA has surpassed 600 billion cubic meters. ITERA's strategic business developments are also reaching into development, biochemical, and power generating segments. 

The American division of the company, ITERA USA, was founded in 1992. In addition to their work in the energy industry, ITERA USA has also found success in timber, real estate, and more. ITERA always welcomes new ideas, and strives to build bridges between peoples and cultures through the implementation of quality energy solutions.