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November 02, 2009 12:31 ET

iTokk, Inc. Issues Corporate Update

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 2, 2009) - Kevin Penstock, CEO of ITOKK, Inc. (OTCBB:IKTO), is pleased to update its shareholders and the investment community on the recent developments of the company and our business plans going forward into 2010. Itokk Inc. today announced that the company is introducing a new capital structure. The new ticker symbol will be (OTCBB:IKTO). The changes are effective as of October 28, 2009 and reflect the value proposition providing an innovative new telephony platform to a global communications market.

The company is unveiling three years of lab research and development with the introduction of an innovative new platform for carriers, mobile operators and service providers delivering a brand new approach to creating, innovating and deploying new telephony services and new business models for serving the enormous global telephony market.

The company has formally released the Npoints-FrameworkTM; an open platform API and fully hosted service (a cloud computing approach) that allows for the fastest integration and deployment of new telephony services to existing business services. With iTokk's Npoints-Framework, the platform offers service providers an easy, scalable and reliable way to provide more products and services to existing customers, without needing to make big and risky upfront investments. Service providers can grow revenue, expand service offerings, and add value to their business.

"Service providers recognize that R&D and innovation is not their strong suit," says Kevin Penstock, CEO of ITOKK, Inc., "and are quickly aligning with 3rd party developers, especially with developer partners that will enable them to leverage their networks to bring a steady stream of service innovation to market and keep their value proposition fresh and strong for subscribers. Service providers are not hanging their hopes on a "killer app" to save them. Instead, they seek solutions developed upon the Npoints-Framework that can scale across their customer base, deliver value-add on their networks, and help them grow their business."

The Npoints-platform currently has a suite of ready to deliver services and will be assisting partners to deploy three iTokk products and services that will help consumers and business subscribers increase online sales by bringing voice to a website with Click to Call buttons, increase sales by bringing voice to emails with Click to Call signatures and provide low-cost International calls on a mobile phone with a free downloadable (App).

ITokkMobileTM is a simple free software download for mobile phones that routes calls through the iTokk network and bypasses the wireless providers outrageous charges. It's a free piece of software offered by iTokk that saves customers up to 90% on long distance charges by redirecting the calls through the cheapest possible routing. ITokkMobileTM is simple to download, prepaid, there are no monthly fees, no call setup charges, PIN routines and no hidden fees. The customer can save up to 90% on International calls.

ITokkClick-to-CallTM Buttons are a simple and effective alternative to posting your telephone or 1-800 numbers online. Web visitors simply click a button image or text link, enter their phone number and Itokk INSTANTLY connects them to you. No downloads or headsets required. Just your regular landline or mobile phone which you will need to receive the incoming calls. "Creating simple solutions and getting back to the basics are how itokk is partnering with business," said Kevin Penstock, CEO of Itokk. "When a call is free and only one click away, it has a positive impact for a business because there are fewer barriers to connect to customers. That can result in more qualified leads, more engagement, and a higher rate of conversion for a business."

With the announcement of the acquisition, Itokk is launching in North America and Europe with strategic resellers in Canada and Italy. "Itokk anticipates a major social awareness and viral growth with iTokk Mobile in Canada; a country that is among the highest paying customers for wireless services listed in the developed countries," says Angelo Soukas, President of ITOKK, Inc. "We are particularly interested in Italy where Italy has the highest penetration rate for mobile subscribers with 151 subscribers per 100 inhabitants. Further more, Itokk is taking an aggressive step into global expansion by opening European operation headquarters in London, England," says Mr. Soukas. "We are very excited with the opening of iTokk's European headquarters, as London is the gateway to Europe. The purpose for our European headquarters is to rapidly assign re-sellers and affiliates across Europe, providing local technical and marketing support for both business and end users."

Recent industry analysts such as In-Stat projects that by 2013 Mobile VoIP applications will generate annual revenues of $32.2 billion, driven by over 278 million registered users worldwide. Europe is currently the largest Mobile VoIP market, but by 2013 Asia Pacific is expected to be the largest regional market.

Quick Facts:
- Management and board possess proven track record in technology industry
- Core domain knowledge in VoIP and telecom with established R&D development life cycle
- R&D is completed and commercial services launched
- The company is transforming into a sales and marketing organization
- Global Exposure and large market opportunity exists
- Margins are healthy, competitive and realistic
- Many pioneer customers are in place
- The company fulfills a "need" in the market place – not just a "nice to have"
- Recent reseller agreements in place
- Europe marketing strategy under way
- New executive team and board of directors
- Continued offshore development strategy in India
- New product development to keep pipeline of new products and services


ITOKK, Inc., the world's most innovative communications company, offers flexible, next-generation telephony solutions for consumers and businesses. ITOKK's flagship product Npoints-Framework and developers platform make it simpler, cheaper and faster to build communications functionality into applications, enabling carriers and networks to introduce new revenue-generating voice services in days, rather than months. By combining the Itokk platform and innovative products with carriers across the globe, Itokk has the potential to deliver the industries most explosive growth of innovation and in IP telephony. The worlds newest leading global IP telephony company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices in Canada, UK and India.

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