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March 12, 2008 06:45 ET

It's No Blarney: Email Segmentation Works Says SubscriberMail

LISLE, IL--(Marketwire - March 12, 2008) - With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, everyone has green on their minds. If you're an email marketer, there's a lot of "green" to be made by following some simple email segmentation guidelines from SubscriberMail that are guaranteed to bring some Luck o' the Irish to your email marketing program.

1. Guinness or Harp? Not everyone is a Guinness drinker so why treat
   everyone the same? Take the time to get to know your subscribers'
   preferences, then deliver the content that is relevant to them. By
   segmenting your email lists, you can send customized messages with
   tailored offers that result in a better return for your campaign.

2. The Pot o' Gold. Dynamic content is an email marketer's pot o' gold
   because it is an easy way to send individualized content to many
   subscribers. With dynamic content you create a single email message and
   the dynamic content engine delivers multiple versions of the message
   based on the recipients' demographic profile or other data. Messages can
   be customized to replace groups of text or images based on variables
   such as a subscriber's personal data, past purchase history, past email
   activity, website activity, etc.

3. Shamrocks & Luck. What would shamrocks be without luck? The same is true
   when it comes to email personalization. Most email marketers use name
   personalization, but "where's the luck?" Personalization allows you to
   insert any text for which you have a data field. Here are some other
   examples for using personalization: contact information for a
   salesperson in the recipient's region, location information for the
   closest store, or a reference to a recent purchase.

4. Crafty as a leprechaun. To gather the most information possible about
   your subscribers, you don't have to be crafty, just smart. The best way
   to collect information is when subscribers sign up to receive your
   emails. Periodically ask subscribers to re-register and gather data to
   make sure their information is up to date. Finally, you can gather
   subscriber information by conducting a short survey and offering a
   premium or prize for participating.

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