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August 30, 2013 14:33 ET

It's Not About the Money: People and Culture Will Rule in Tomorrow's Corporate America

In Their New Book, Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch, and Through a Partnership With the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, Business Experts Curt Coffman and Kathie Sorensen Offer the Secret to Pulling Ourselves out of the Economic Doldrums and Getting Things Back on Track

TARRYTOWN, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 30, 2013) -  As we mark the passage of another Labor Day, with fast-food employees walking the picket lines protesting a workplace that isn't aligned with their basic needs and goals, here's a sobering statistic that speaks volumes about the current state of Corporate America: Almost half of the people in the U.S. (49%) say they "love their work," yet only 23% love their job. And a recent Gallup poll found that 52% of workers aren't engaged at work, while another 18% admit they're "actively disengaged." Put the two together and you have an idea of what needs fixing if we're to pull ourselves out of the economic doldrums and get things back on track and moving forward. The authors of Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch have joined forces with the Enterprise Engagement Alliance to provide a solution to this challenge.

It all comes down to people. The truth is, the raw talent, intelligence and capability of the American worker has never been better. Employees have the highest potential to contribute, but they're being stifled by antiquated business practices. At a time when we most need to engage employees to help create economic momentum, we're disenfranchising them instead. "This is more than a strike about money," says Curt Coffman, co-author with Kathie Sorensen of the new book, Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch. "It's a protest against a workplace culture that discounts the value of the very people organizations depend upon for their success."

Coffman and Sorensen, highly experienced researchers, authors and consultants, offer a new perspective that challenges some bedrock but time-worn organizational practices, from the "little boxes" on the organizational chart to the employee survey and the bureaucratic veneer. "Some of the business world's practices are obsolete," says Coffman. "More to the point, a lot of the methods organizations employ no longer match goals we need to achieve." 

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch marks the emergence of a new business field known as Enterprise Engagement that focuses on helping organizations achieve key objectives by creating a performance-based culture that inspires people to engage. The authors are releasing the book in conjunction with an education program on Enterprise Engagement, an Engagement Technology platform, and an arsenal of services to help organizations put the principles of the book into practice and jumpstart a new wave of productivity and profitability based on people.

The authors point out that each of us moves daily through a myriad of cultures -- from workplaces and communities to schools, churches and political organizations -- and it's our connection to those cultures that spurs us to new heights, keeps us average or reduces us to also-rans. Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch is for everyone trying to work within a culture to create a positive force and competitive advantage.

This book follows in the tradition of Coffman's first, multi-million bestseller, First, Break All the Rules, in that the secrets come from the study of high performing organizations, where culture drives results. The practices of extraordinary cultures and their uninspiring counterparts emerged through decades of work and research. The qualities that make a culture excellent are about 80% generic and 20% unique. Competitive advantage comes from the 20% that "slam dunks" the brand promise to the customer.

"Our economy depends upon the energy, passion and enthusiasm of our people," says Coffman. "Culture isn't the enemy of strategy and performance; it's an equal player in the game, not to be underestimated or overlooked."

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