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iView Systems

February 16, 2016 10:08 ET

iView Systems' Security Management Reporting Suite V.5.9.4. Released - Offers a Multitude of Enhancements for Improved Security Reporting and Analysis

Improved user ergonomics in iTrak®, advanced attributes for the iPass® Visitor Management Kiosk and iTrax™ Mobile Reporting platforms round out iView's comprehensive security reporting solution.

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 16, 2016) -

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iView Systems' software never stops improving. Based on feedback and collaboration with clients, iView continues developing its' security management reporting software to offer the most robust solutions in the market. iView's new iTrak® Incident Reporting & Risk Management Platform and iPass® Visitor Management release, Version 5.9.4, available today, includes over 90 new features and enhancements. New developments offer users greater flexibility and efficiencies to quickly obtain data insight and improve operational competencies used to uphold actionable decisions; while reducing costs and mitigating exposure to risk and liability.

"Key capabilities and inclusions in Version 5.9.4 reflect iView's continued commitment to delivering superior technology to meet the day-to-day needs of our customers," said Martin Drew, CEO/President, iView System. iView's integrated and embedded security management solutions synthesize incident and visitor management and simplify risk management by providing a powerful platform to capture, manage and report, thereby identifying and mitigating hidden risks.

The newest features of the iPass® Visitor Management Kiosk enhance a business' professional image, user experience and security by streamlining the visitor entry process, while removing much of the administrative burden from security or administrative personnel. The self-serve sign-in process is expedited with visit lookup using QR code, cell phone number, e-mail or government issued IDs. Upon entry, visitors are professionally welcomed with customized multi-language screens, flexible drop down menus and optional confidential and legal waivers such as Non-Disclosure Agreements. The newest development includes electronic signature capture with a native document signing mechanism or optional support for the DocuSign® electronic signature solution. Upon exit, visitor sign-out options now include a custom embedded HTML message for visitor's feedback or surveys providing measurement and improvement of visitor customer experience. The visitor web portal optimizes visitor logs and tracking by providing visit authorization, proof of presence and visit approval workflow.

The Administration Module in the iTrak® Incident Reporting and Risk Management Platform provides enhanced ergonomics and functionality including improved management of dropdowns and role assignment. The desktop client now includes improved Best Practices and is Department aware and permissionable. When a major event takes place within a company, it can be logged and dealt with appropriately as company best practices are available, while reporting on the event within the iTrak® environment for quick and easy reference.

Newly added custom form support in the iTrax™ Mobile Reporting Platform provides increased productivity and accuracy. Security personnel can document activities and tasks and submit forms via the iTrax™ Mobile application directly to daily logs and incidents within the iTrak® Platform, providing complete mobilization for these transactions.

Numerous new software features and capabilities have been added to simplify data collection and reporting, while preserving data integrity with seamless connectivity to disparate data sources. iView's powerful reporting capabilities can be customized to meet client's needs, quickly pinpointing liabilities and exposure to risk. "This release, Version 5.9.4, is iView's commitment to delivering superior reporting solutions and includes over 90 unique customer requests. From iPass® to iTrax™ to iTrak® - it's all designed to help security, surveillance and loss prevention do more with less. iView customers are our partners and together help iView build the best user-friendly and intuitive software solutions that assist in providing safer, more efficient operations," said Mr. Drew.

About the iTrak® Incident Reporting and Risk Management Platform

The iTrak® Incident Reporting and Risk Management System is a modular security and surveillance software platform designed to manage and automate key tasks in risk management environments. It provides today's increasingly overburdened security and surveillance professional with an integrated software tool, enabling the most efficient deployment of available resources.

About iView Systems

iView Systems specializes in the development and deployment of a complete integrated and converged physical security information management (PSIM) reporting platform for security, surveillance and loss prevention environments. iView Systems addresses the needs of multiple industries for a single desktop incident management and reporting system, providing both an incident and subject centric approach. iView Systems has rapidly attained industry recognition for its unique solutions and provides incident reporting, dispatch, identification and visitor management platforms and services to the global security marketplace, including the gaming, banking, corporate security and other loss prevention environments. iView Systems is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

For more information on iView Systems, please visit www.iviewsystems.com.

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