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March 21, 2011 08:09 ET

iWay Software Announces MapReduce Style Processing

iWay Parallel Service Manager Provides Highly Scalable Engine for Enterprise Information Integration

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 21, 2011) - iWay Software, an Information Builders company and an innovator of enterprise integration solutions, today announced the implementation of MapReduce style processing through its Parallel Service Manager 6.1 platform, which supports highly scalable information integration across a wide range of data sources.

Made popular by Google, MapReduce is a concept in which an action known as a map is applied to each item in a list. The outcome of each map can then be accumulated or changed in a process known as a reduce. This model enables enterprises to effectively manage the wealth of data within their organization by facilitating the distributed processing and computing of large data sets.

With iWay Software's Parallel Services Manager, iWay is bringing MapReduce functionality to an already robust data integration solution. With this platform, the map and reduce are done in a process flow and the items come from a list in an input document. The process flow is then executed for each item in the list in parallel, allowing the results to be accumulated in a single document.

For example, in the case of a user querying multiple data stores simultaneously, the Parallel Control Agent can simultaneously execute process flows configured with connection information from a list of connections in an input document. The outcome of each query can then be added to a final results document.

The MapReduce concept is also used in document stores like iWay Archive. In iWay Archive, a user can write a transform, update, or query and then execute it against each document in the database collection. A reduce function can also be written to calculate either a single result or a set of results, which are then written to another collection in the document store. If in a clustered configuration, the execution of a MapReduce is done across the cluster, allowing for highly efficient processing.

Key Product Features for iWay Parallel Service Manager:

  • Support Enterprise Information Integration (EII) scenario with federated services executed in parallel across a large number of data sources such as Oracle, MUMPS, and HL7
  • Support extract, transform, load (ETL) scenario with parallel extracts, transforms, and loads
  • Support archiving of data from a large number of data sources where the loading, query, and subsequent processing of the data from archive is accomplished in parallel
  • Support batch-oriented managed file transfer (MFT) where the processing and distribution of files takes place in parallel

"Organizations everywhere are struggling with integrating much more information from a much larger variety of data sources," said Gerald Cohen, CEO and president of Information Builders. "With the new capabilities of our Parallel Service Manager, enterprises can now enjoy the performance and scalability benefits of MapReduce and have the results returned in a single request, regardless of the amount of data queried or the nature of the data sources."

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