May 10, 2011 07:00 ET

Ixia Announces the Industry's Most Cost-Effective, Highest Port-Count 10GE Test Solution That Meets the Needs of High-Density Data Center Switch Fabric Testing

Ixia's New Xdensity 32-Port Load Module, Combined With Next-Generation IxNetwork Application, Makes Complex High-Port-Count Testing Effortless

CALABASAS, CA--(Marketwire - May 10, 2011) - Ixia (NASDAQ: XXIA), the leading, global provider of converged IP network test solutions, today announced the release of its new Xdensity™ high-port-count 10GE load module. Ixia's Xdensity load module is ideal for testing ultra-high density converged data center fabrics. It offers the industry's highest 10GE port density, with 32 ports on a single slot load module, scaling up to 384 ports in a single Ixia XM12 chassis to deliver 3.84 terabits of test traffic -- double the traffic generation and analysis of its nearest competitor.

The growing demand for devices that can process multiple terabits of traffic predicates a need for extreme-density and cost-effective 10GE test resources. Data center switch fabrics need to forward at ultra-high scale terabit rate, subscriber access gateways must handle millions of subscribers using different services, and routers must process IP and multicast addresses from hundreds of thousands of clients. Network equipment manufacturers that supply the converged data center and cloud computing markets must have high-port-density 10Gbps traffic generators to fully stress their high-port-density network equipment. Xdensity uses a hardware-based design to produce multiple terabits of wire speed traffic and precise latency measurements, at scale, that are unmatched in the testing industry. Xdensity's high port count per load module reduces both the total power consumption and total footprint of a large test bed, thus addressing key operational concerns and lowering the total cost of testing.

Ixia's Xdensity, combined with Ixia's next-generation IxNetwork test application, is setting industry standards for reducing the complexity of large scale testing by leveraging high-scale layer 2-3 traffic generation, straightforward large-port test configuration setup, and highly-integrated automation. Ixia's Xdensity offers a practical, affordable test solution to network equipment manufacturers for validating a full range of traffic throughput, latency and networking scenarios for data center switch fabrics.

Key Facts:

  • Xdensity, Ixia's new 32-port 10 GE load module, can scale up to 384 ports per 10 rack mount unit chassis -- double the density of competing solutions. This provides network equipment manufacturers with a cost-effective and practical means for implementing high-port-count, large-scale 10GE testing.
  • Together with Ixia's IxNetwork, the Xdensity load module supports a rich layer 2-3 portfolio of data plane and data center Ethernet test capability for next-generation, ultra-high-density 10GE network data center switch fabrics, terabit routers, subscriber access gateways, and other high-scale network devices.

Supporting Quotes:

  • "Products like Fulcrum's 72-port FocalPoint® switch chip family are increasing network density to a point where cloud providers and data centers are able to build flat, low latency 10G Ethernet networks that scale to thousands of ports -- something that was not possible before," said Mike Zeile, president and chief operating officer of Fulcrum Microsystems. "Large scale networks and network equipment need an efficient way to be tested, which is why we're pleased to see that Ixia is leading the market with the debut of the new Xdensity platform."
  • "Next-generation network devices must rise to a new level of data throughput, something we're seeing in the high-port-density switches and routers being developed by vendors and deployed by data center operators," said Errol Ginsberg, Ixia's founder and chief innovation officer. "The new Xdensity load module is an invaluable tool for equipment manufacturers to ensure their data center devices are viable in the market, pre-deployment."


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