October 15, 2010 07:00 ET

Ixia K2 40/100 Gigabit Solution Sets Standard in World's First Public Higher Speed Ethernet Interoperability Plugfest

Ethernet Alliance Plugfest Held at Ixia's iSimCity in September, 2010

CALABASAS, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2010) -  Ixia (NASDAQ: XXIA), a leading, global provider of converged IP network test solutions, played a critical role in the world's first public 40 and 100 Gbps Ethernet Interoperability Plugfest that validated devices against the IEEE Std. 802.3ba™-2010 standard. The plugfest was sponsored by the Ethernet Alliance's Higher Speed Ethernet (HSE) Subcommittee and hosted by Ixia at its iSimCity facility in Santa Clara, CA from September 14-16, 2010.

HSE is rapidly being adopted by data center managers and service providers. 40 gigabit Ethernet (GE) NIC interfaces and switch uplinks are quickly becoming available to handle the increased volume of data traffic from virtualized servers and Ethernet-fibre channel convergence. 100 GE will soon appear in larger data centers and service provider long lines in order to process the exponentially increasing volume of Internet traffic.

Ixia's K2 HSE test solution -- a complete IP/Ethernet test product with 40 and 100 GECFP MSA and QSPF+ test interfaces -- has field-proven itself as the benchmark for the industry. HSE component vendors can use the K2 solution to prove their standards compliance and measure their performance. Ixia's long involvement in the standardization process has resulted in a test solution that not only matches the IEEE specification, but serves as a reference standard for all other components in the HSE ecosystem.

Key Facts:

  • Ixia's K2 solution tests HSE components and systems. K2 load modules feature CFP MSA and QSFP+ interfaces to cover the range of 100 GE and 40 GE systems. BERT, layer 2-7 and PCS lane test features, which are unique to HSE, are provided.
  • Transceivers used during the test included 40 and 100 GE CFP MSA, plus QSFP active transceivers. Long and short reach single-mode and multi-mode optical cables were used in conjunction with 40 and 100 GE CFP transceivers. Cables consisted of 4 or 12 optical pairs, carrying 25 Gbps and 10 Gbps signals, respectively.
  • System testing included combinations of routers, NICs, and development kits.

Supporting Quotes:

  • "Ixia provided the HSE reference standard that was needed to test interoperability among the 12 component and three system vendors," said Dave Schneider, marketing chairman of the Ethernet Alliance's Higher Speed Subcommittee. "Virtually every vendor mix attempted worked right out of the box - proving a viable standard and HSE data center ecosystem."
  • "In 2007, Ixia realized that Ethernet technology would need to take the next step in speed, and invested in helping the IEEE develop a standard along with our own complete test solution," said Errol Ginsberg, Chief Innovation Officer of Ixia. "This plugfest demonstration proves that our K2 product has exactly implemented the standard with unparalleled precision, and confirms that the entire HSE ecosystem is ready to fly."


About Ixia
Ixia is a leading provider of converged IP performance test systems and service verification platforms for wireless and wired infrastructures and services. Ixia's test systems are used by network and telephony equipment manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, service providers, governments and enterprises to validate the performance and reliability of complex networks, devices and applications. Ixia's multiplay test systems address the growing need to test voice, video and data services and network capability under real-world conditions.

About the Ethernet Alliance
The Ethernet Alliance is a global consortium that includes system and component vendors, industry experts and university and government professionals who are committed to the continued success and expansion of Ethernet technology. The Ethernet Alliance takes Ethernet standards to market by supporting activities that span from incubation of new Ethernet technologies to interoperability demonstrations and education.

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