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May 06, 2013 09:00 ET

IZ-ON Media Signed as Exclusive Ad Sales and Content Programming Partner for the Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosk Network™ at Pharmacies Nationwide

Partnership Provides New Ways for Brand Marketers to Reach Health Conscious Audiences; Expands IZ-ON Media's Network Portfolio Into Health and Wellness Sector

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 6, 2013) -  IZ-ON Media™ (FKA Premier Retail Networks (PRN)), a Technicolor company and a global leader in digital place-based media sales and services, and Stayhealthy Inc., a leading provider of health screening kiosks, today announced a multi-year agreement whereby IZ-ON Media has become the exclusive advertising sales, content and programming representative for the Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosk Network™, currently located in nearly 2,000 Kroger in-store pharmacies nationwide. 

The agreement, effective immediately, creates an advertising convergence between health and wellness and grocery and extends the IZ-ON Media advertising footprint and portfolio of networks, which includes mass retail, club, convenience and quick-service restaurants in the top DMAs. The agreement also covers all future expansion of the Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosk Network to be followed with other major retail chains.

At a time when access to affordable healthcare remains a challenge for a large portion of the population, the proliferation of Stayhealthy's health screening kiosks will trigger a fundamental change in how people measure, monitor and improve their overall well-being. The FDA-cleared Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosksare strategically located in the waiting areas of in-store pharmacies within grocery and retail venues. The self-service kiosks offer convenient, easy-to-use, clinical-grade health screenings.

Consumers can measure key health indicators including blood pressure, heart rate, total body weight, total body composition (lean mass, body fat, and hydration index), vision (color blindness), and BMI as well as have the ability to upload personal blood glucose meter readings and actively monitor data to track their personal results over time to assist in improving health. Users may also register at the kiosk and receive access to their own personal, Stayhealthy HIPAA-compliant online health record account (Stayhealthy® Dashboard™) to automatically track and monitor their results from home, the office, or from any web access location, 24/7. The Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosk™ includes privacy panels and is compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

Through the IZ-ON Media and Stayhealthy partnership, marketers for all product categories now have the opportunity to bring their products to life in the pharmacy section, when and where consumers are in the mindset to make purchase decisions. The health screening kiosks' large display screens attract and entice shoppers, while the touchscreens provide significant one-on-one dwell time as hyper-engaged consumers participate in the interactive health screening process. This one-to-one interaction provides advertisers a prime vehicle to build trusting relationships with highly targeted health-conscious consumers while they actively participate in health monitoring activities.

"We are proud to partner with Stayhealthy and offer brands new opportunities to integrate their marketing messages into cutting-edge technology that provides consumers a valuable, free and easy way to monitor and improve their health," said Ahmad Ouri, IZ-ON Media's CEO. "Expanding into health and wellness -- a critical concern for Americans -- is a key pillar in our growth strategy which enables us to engage with a whole new set of marketers."

"We are excited to team with IZ-ON Media, whose expertise in consultative advertising sales, award-winning content production and large-scale in-store operations lays a solid foundation of success for the Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosk Network," said John Collins, CEO of Stayhealthy, Inc. "IZ-ON Media is integral to future rollouts across additional retail venues and other business sectors."

About IZ-ON Media LLC
Keeping eyes on brands is IZ-ON Media's core business. With over 120,000 strategically placed screens located in more than 12,000 coveted retail and quick-service restaurant venues, IZ-ON Media offers marketers the opportunity to create authentic brand experiences with 300 million third-party measured viewers every month. Research providers include leading third-party sources such as The Nielsen Company, Arbitron and GfK Custom Research. Clients -- which include leading national advertisers and venue brands such as 7-Eleven, Sam's Club, Target, Costco, Wal-Mart, Carl's Jr., Wendy's and KFC -- leverage IZ-ON Media's two decades of expertise in consumer behavior and building smart, effective content and media strategies.

About Stayhealthy, Inc.
Stayhealthy, Inc. is a privately owned healthcare solutions corporation headquartered in Monrovia, California. Since 1995, Stayhealthy has been committed to improving the way the world measures, manages, and accesses health and fitness. Stayhealthy has built a worldwide reputation within the research community for providing the highest-quality, FDA-cleared health measurement products, solutions, and services.

Stayhealthy offers products to measure blood pressure, heart rate, total body weight, total body composition, vision (color blindness), and BMI. Stayhealthy has deployed a nationwide network of biometric products and health screening kiosks in thousands of grocery/pharmacy stores, employer facilities, fitness centers/gyms, clinical, medical, and provider sites to support consumer and public health initiatives to integrate with the healthcare community.

Stayhealthy products, solutions, and services are backed by its powerful, HIPAA-compliant, online portal to empower and engage individuals, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations across the globe to track health measurement results over time, set goals for improvement, and monitor progress. 

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