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April 05, 2007 14:07 ET

Izabael Does Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 5, 2007 -- Izabael, space vixen pin-up and spokesmodel, will be appearing live at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Izabael will be smiling and signing in support of her husband's new novel, "Moon Age Daydream."

Izabael is not sure what costumes she will wear, "This is a little different venue than the comic conventions so I'm not sure yet what I will be wearing, but I will definitely be in some sort of stylishly sexy costume."

Izabael will be portraying "Isabelle," the devilishly coquettish Artificial Intelligence from "Moon Age Daydream." Isabelle, like Izabael, is famous for endless wardrobe changes so who knows what mood will hit upon Izabael when she shows up at the book festival, which expects over 130,000 attendees this year.

"'Moon Age Daydream' is a literary novel written in the science-fiction argot from the point of view of a young male using the futuristic slang of his day, similar to how Nadsat was deftly employed in 'A Clockwork Orange,'" quoted from Entertainment Today (Mar. 15). Ancient magick and modern technology merge like long lost lovers as Shaun Von Dragen weaves a tale of fantasy, romance, and horror.

There are several questions that Izabael is often asked. Her verbatim answers are presented below:

1) What are you?

"I'm a twenty-two year old owner of my own production company, a spacey pin-up model, and a genie."

2) Why do you call yourself a genie?

"Technically, I'm not. Izabael the Goetic spirit, however, is a genie, just like all the other spirits of the Goetia, a 17th century grimoire containing descriptions of the 72 demons that King Solomon is said to have evoked into a bronze vessel. That bronze vessel is none other than a Westernized version of the genie bottles described in 'Arabian Nights.'"

3) Are you for real?

"Indeed, I am a real girl with all those wants and needs that goes with it. Where my personality ends and the genie's begins is not often easy, nor desirable, to discern."

4) Are you dangerous?

"Most definitely."

Izabael's confirmed upcoming dates:

April 28 - 29, 2007 Los Angeles Festival of Books
July 26 - 29, 2007 San Diego Comi-Con International
Oct. 6 - 7, 2007 GlamourCon 42, Los Angeles
Visit, the starting point for all things Izabael, or see the official "Moon Age Daydream" website.

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