December 18, 2007 16:22 ET

iZAP Rechargeable Battery Technology for iPod to Appear at Macworld January 15-18

SANTA ROSA, CA--(Marketwire - December 18, 2007) - Alternative transportation and energy pioneer ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP) will be introducing their iZAP re-chargers for the iPod to major consumer electronic retailers as well as technology dealers nationwide and worldwide during the Macworld Expo, January 15-18 at The Moscone Center in San Francisco.

ZAP's many years working on better electric car batteries was the basis for the introduction of the iZAP, part of ZAP's Recharge-It-All line of mobile re-chargers. ZAP has focused on the advantages of its portable battery technology and the potential for reducing the amount of disposable batteries in landfill but more battery sales will also help its electric car developments.

"The iZAP line is the off-shoot of ZAP's research into a better electric car battery," said ZAP CEO, Steve Schneider. "Not only is the iZAP a great solution for today's digital workforce, developing advanced batteries for electric cars will involve building economies of scale, making new technologies more cost-effective through greater volume production."

The iZAP product line, made specifically for the iPod, will be available at Macworld. The RO8-IV is a specially designed battery pack for 30G and 60G iPod Video. Its Aluminum housing, lightweight lithium polymer cells and silicon protective cover increase its portability as well making it fit your iPod perfectly. While you're on the go this product will be a time and energy saver for your iPod video.

ZAP's battery technology has been touted as the best in class. Products start at just $29.99 suggested retail and include USB power out with a full set of power tips to fit most mobile electronic devices including cell phones, smart phones, digital cameras, MP3/iPod, and more.

The RO7-PL7, ZAP's newest product, will be showcased for the first time at the MacWorld Conference & Expo. This product is ideal for business and family trips because it has several chargers all in one. The RO7-PL7 has 8 power tips for popular Cell Phone/Media products, as well as 5 additional power tips for other electronic devices. This product can be charged via wall outlets at home, from the USB out on your computer as well as in your car while you're on the road. The Lithium Ion battery comes with a Universal Car Charger as a bonus. The Car Charger can use all of the power tips via its USB out too.

The RX4-C comes with 4 AA batteries, take them out of the power pack and use them to power a regular household device like a flashlight. Leave them in and use the power pack to keep you up and running. This versatile product has been placed across the country as an improved alternative to the emergency alkaline solutions sold by others. ZAP is able to offer value prices and include most power tips in the box with the battery because of its "Smart Battery" design. All of the power sensing is in the battery system and not in the power tip. There are no preset power buttons.

ZAP has a commitment to higher current devices as well. The R12 Media Recharge-It-All Battery is configured to support 5V USB electronics and others up to 7.4V via the DC out. It should sell at retail for about $59.99 and is designed to fit in your pocket or purse and operates at "True Power," a substantial 3200mAh. The 7.4V output will charge camcorders and PRO camera equipment.

ZAP will be at the MacWorld Conference & Expo, January 15-18 in booth number 545 and 546.

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