IZEA, Inc.

June 27, 2014 07:30 ET

IZEA Exchange Surpasses 500 Million Reach Milestone

Company Begins Sunset of Legacy Platforms

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 27, 2014) - IZEA, Inc. (OTCQB: IZEA), the leader in Sponsored Social, announced today that the IZEA Exchange (IZEAx) Ecosystem surpassed an aggregate reach of 500 Million fans and followers this week. The platform, which entered beta release in March 2014, has grown twenty percent in aggregate reach since the conclusion of the first quarter. This growth is the result of direct Creator signups along with the addition of Exchange partners throughout the second quarter contributing their user base.

Since 2006 IZEA has facilitated more than 3.3 million sponsored social transactions, helping social media content creators earn sponsorship income from brands looking to place their native content in front of coveted target audiences. Creators range from college students and mom/dad bloggers, to Instagram stars and celebrities.

Earlier this week, the company began the transition process from its legacy platforms to IZEA Exchange. The legacy platforms, including SocialSpark, Sponsored Tweets, PayPerPost, IZEA Media, FanAds, Pinable Ads, Featured Users, and Staree, will either be shuttered completely or replaced with a branded implementation of IZEAx. is already running a version of IZEAx aimed at the Asia-Pacific market.

"This week was a milestone for IZEA," explains CEO Ted Murphy. "For the past two years, our team has been working on developing and refining our patent-pending IZEAx technology and the partner ecosystem it supports. We are now at a place where we feel comfortable to start sun-setting our legacy platforms and receiving the benefit that comes from this investment. In an effort to provide the right experience for all of our users, the transition process will be done in a specific order of events with a completion date of the end of September."

Creators and Advertisers can signup to join IZEA at

About IZEA

Founded in 2006, IZEA is the pioneer of Social Sponsorship. The company builds cloud-based marketplaces that connect brands with creators who blog, tweet, pin, and post on their behalf. Brands receive influential consumer content and engaging, shareable stories that drive awareness. Creators are compensated for their participation and partnership. For more information about IZEA, visit

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