April 21, 2008 09:30 ET

JA-SIG Announces Immediate Availability of uPortal 3.0

Open Source Organization Releases New Platform for Award-Winning Portal

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) - JA-SIG, the non-profit, global consortium of higher education institutions dedicated to community-driven open source solutions, today announced the general availability of uPortal version 3.0. uPortal is the EDUCAUSE Catalyst Award-winning enterprise portal framework built by and for the higher education community. The new release marks a major, evolutionary step forward for the project. Version 3.0 has brought the rock solid, high performing uPortal 2.x product to a new level, incorporating current best practices in enterprise Java. The entire uPortal community can unite on one branch moving forward, and it is now possible for everyone to migrate to the latest version of uPortal when appropriate for their institution.

uPortal 3.0 builds upon the flexibility and reliability of uPortal 2.x while providing an attractive look and feel using improved JavaScript libraries, more robust portlet support, a modern build environment, use of leading Java frameworks (Spring), and other enhancements, bringing the larger deployments and performance already achieved in uPortal 2 in easier reach of more uPortal adopters.

"JA-SIG is proud of the work that has resulted in uPortal 3.0," said executive director Jonathan Markow. "Our community of developers has put together a release that gives uPortal a solid, improved platform for future growth -- one that provides immediate benefits to users, implementers, developers, and designers."

"3.0 is a significant step for the uPortal framework which positions it to take advantage of many exciting technologies such as Portlets 2.0, Java Persistence Architecture, and the Spring Framework," said Eric Dalquist, uPortal 3.0 Release Engineer from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"The Yale portal team is very excited about the release of uPortal 3.0," said Susan Bramhall, Sr. Developer, Yale University ITS. "It provides a really solid base for carrying forward our YaleInfo portal user experience extensions. We will be testing a version of YaleInfo built on uPortal 3.0 with users later this month. Thank you, uP3 team!"

What's New in uPortal 3.0

--  A new theme and skin provide a fresh and attractive look out of the
    box.  It is now far easier for implementers to customize the look of
    uPortal.  Skinning can be done entirely with CSS.
--  uPortal's out-of-the-box default content has been changed to better
    demonstrate the portal's features.
--  A comprehensive set of import/export scripts now makes it easier to
    upgrade to the latest version of uPortal.
--  Portlet support is now provided using the Pluto 1.1 container, which
    will support JSR 286, the more versatile and powerful Portlet 2.0 standard,
    once it has been finalized.
--  A Maven-based project structure and build process is now standard,
    providing robust build, reporting, and packaging tools.
--  Core components of the framework have been migrated to the Spring Java
    Development Framework, making it simpler for developers to work with
    uPortal.  The migration to Spring has also served to significantly reduce
    the amount of underlying code.
--  Given the success and widespread adoption of JA-SIG CAS for
    authentication, CAS is now configured as the default authentication system
    for uPortal.
--  A unified caching framework provides multiple cache implementation
    options including clusterable and distributable caches.
--  Remote management using JMX makes it easier to monitor performance and
    troubleshoot problems.

How do I get it? What version should I use?

Source and Quick Start downloads are available on the uPortal Downloads page: The Quick Start version comes with uPortal, Tomcat 5.5, Ant, and Maven. It is ready to run on any machine with JDK5 or later. There is also a developer targeted dashboard site which includes JavaDocs, dependency information, and test reports:

JA-SIG recommends that institutions consider using uPortal 3 for new portal installations. Several large schools are already working on upgrading their installations to this new version, assuring that it will receive the high level of support that the community has been accustomed to with uPortal 2.

Implementations currently using uPortal 2 can also be assured that support for that version continues.

How to get involved

JA-SIG encourages users to test drive the uPortal 3.0 Quick Start download. Users can join in uPortal discussions by subscribing to the uPortal-user mailing list or the other uPortal and JA-SIG mailing lists: They can also visit the project wiki where there are many helpful pages

Users can file bug reports or track the status of existing issues in the JA-SIG Issue Tracker at

Higher education institutions are encouraged to join JA-SIG: In addition to voting privileges and conference discounts, membership fees help make uPortal even better.

About JA-SIG

JA-SIG, Inc. is a non-profit (501(c)3), international consortium of educational institutions and commercial affiliates supporting open source software development and promoting open computing architectures for higher education. JA-SIG has been in operation for over eight years, holding regular conferences and sponsoring open source software applications like uPortal, the enterprise-grade portal solution, and CAS, a flexible Central Authentication Service deployed for single sign-on. For more information, visit the JA-SIG website at

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