October 11, 2008 15:39 ET

Jack Layton for Quebec - A Choice of Hope and Optimism

"When it comes to standing up for you, Harper didn't, Duceppe can't, Dion won't"

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 11, 2008) - New Democrat Leader Jack Layton told an enthusiastic crowd of supporters that Quebec voters faced "a critical choice" on October 14th - choosing whether to support Stephen Harper, Gilles Duceppe, Stephane Dion, or Jack Layton.

Layton took aim at Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his uncaring attitude toward working families: "Every day he has been Prime Minister - every time Mr. Harper has had a chance to stand up for you and your families, he has turned his back. He doesn't care."

Turning to the Bloc Quebecois, the New Democrat leader said "On the one hand, M. Duceppe says he is all about stopping Mr. Harper - on the other, Gilles Duceppe may then do exactly what Stephane Dion does -- he'll vote to keep Mr. Harper in office. He said so himself. It's not good enough to run against Mr. Harper in Quebec - and then support him in Ottawa."

Layton saved Mr. Dion for last, reminding supporters that the Liberal leader supported Harper in Parliament 43 times. Addressing Mr. Dion, he said "If you can't do your job as opposition leader, you can't do the job of Prime Minister."

"When it comes to standing up for you and your family, Mr. Harper didn't, Mr. Duceppe can't, and Mr. Dion won't."

Layton said only his party can defeat Mr. Harper, and that New Democrats represent "a new choice for Quebec in this election - a choice of hope and optimism for a better future."

"Together we can turn the page on the same old politics. Harper's Conservatives are losing ground across Quebec - so let's kick Stephen Harper OUT, and put New Democrats IN".

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