November 16, 2010 12:06 ET

Jackpotjoy's Blackjack Goes to Atlantic City!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 16, 2010) - Atlantic City, also known as Las Vegas of the East, has served as the inspiration for Jackpotjoy's latest Blackjack variant Atlantic City Blackjack, a game that offers members of the site the chance to enjoy the world's most popular card game with a Atlantic Twist…

Not only did Atlantic City serve as the original inspiration for the classic Monopoly board game, but its maze of casinos make it the USA's second great capital of gaming, after Las Vegas itself.

Atlantic City Blackjack is a classic Blackjack variant that offers a range of new options for discerning Blackjack lovers.

First of all, players can split any two cards that have the same value – even mismatched picture cards – and because you can do it up to three times, you could find yourself managing as many as five hands to beat the dealer.

"The great thing with this rule," explains Fraser Linkleter, head of Casino at Jackpotjoy, "is that it's really like moving into playing Multihand Blackjack, but knowing how you'll start each hand. And as any Blackjack player will tell you, managing four hands that all have a ten as their first card is really dream turf."

Alongside offering the chance to branch off into Multihand Blackjack if you want, the Atlantic City game also gives you the chance to double down on any two cards, which means doubling your bet and getting one more card if you're feeling confident about the first two.

Fraser explains the benefits here: "If you get a five and a four with your first two cards and feel confident about getting a ten next – and there's a good chance you will – you can Double Down and take on the dealer with a bigger bet. You might do this if the dealer's got a six on show, meaning there's a good chance he'll go bust. This rule is really about offering players the freedom to work their hands."

The final new feature is early surrender, which lets you retire, losing half you bet, after you've seen your cards.

"Again, early surrender is really about offering players greater control over their hand," Fraser explains. "One of the advantages of running an online casino is that, because there's no limit on the number of players we can accommodate, we can afford to be a lot more generous with our players and offering them the chance to surrender when the hand hasn't worked out for them is just one way in which we do this."

Atlantic City Blackjack is currently available to play at Jackpotjoy.com now…


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