SOURCE: Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc.

Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc.

December 17, 2014 10:57 ET

Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. Delivers Ultra-Low Power 10MHz GPSDO Frequency Standard With Chip Scale Atomic Clock

The "HD CSAC LP" GPS Disciplined Oscillator Consumes as Little as 0.45W for Battery-Operated Applications

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2014) - Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge GPS timing and frequency equipment, today announced the availability of its breakthrough product the HD CSAC Low Power GPSDO 10MHz Frequency and Timing reference. The HD CSAC LP provides an industry leading power consumption of as little as 0.45W without compromising performance. The HD CSAC LP is designed to be used in battery-operated applications where low power consumption is of premium importance. The HD CSAC LP is backward compatible to the popular JLT HD CSAC GPSDO, but uses cutting edge software- and hardware-design to reduce the power consumption by over 50% during normal operation, and over 62% in ultra-low-power mode. The HD CSAC LP is optimized for providing a highly accurate Position, Velocity, Time, and Frequency reference under power-challenged environments such as in small unmanned aircraft, for remote data collection, and in man-packs.

The HD CSAC LP provides various highly stable 10MHz and 1PPS outputs, and Position- and Velocity information by using an internal 50 channel WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS enabled GPS receiver. A built-in Cesium Vapor Atomic Clock provides extremely accurate timing and frequency performance when in GPS holdover mode, with drift down to 1us per day typically, and allows for full operational readiness within 2 minutes after power-on. In the absence of GPS reception such as in underground applications units can be auto-synced to each other by dedicating a master unit and using a simple four-wire serial and 1PPS cable to transfer time and frequency to within nanoseconds and parts per trillion from one unit to another.

The HD CSAC LP can operate in a software-selected ultra-low-power mode that reduces power consumption by an average of 100mW by disabling the internal GPS receiver and relying on the internal atomic clock for holdover stability, or syncing to an optional external 1PPS reference to keep time, phase, and frequency. With the smallest size, weight, and power (SWAP) specifications in the industry the HD CSAC LP suits itself perfectly for implementation in battery-operated man-portable equipment, UAVs, and as a retrofit of existing communication gear for lower power and higher stability and holdover capability than legacy OCXO or TCXO based products can provide.

The HD CSAC LP builds upon the field-proven Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc. CSAC GPSDO technology allowing the unit to achieve parts-per-trillion (ppt) average frequency accuracy and stability, and better than 25ns UTC average phase synchronization with less than 2 minutes operational warmup time and less than 5 minutes GPS calibration to UTC typically. Frequency stability over 24 hours with GPS reception is better than 5E-013 (0.5ppt) typically, exceeding Stratum-1 requirements. The unit uses predictive software algorithms to compensate for CSAC oscillator aging and thermal sensitivities. The HD CSAC LP runs from +5V DC power, and supports easy to implement legacy NMEA as well as SCPI RS-232 and TTL level serial commands on multiple serial interfaces. The HD CSAC LP GPSDO is available for sampling now.

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