SOURCE: Animal Hospital of Onslow County

September 07, 2011 07:00 ET

Jacksonville Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Announces New Website

JACKSONVILLE, NC--(Marketwire - Sep 7, 2011) - Animal Hospital of Onslow County has announced a new website for their emergency vet practice. Dr. David H. Altman said, "We firmly believe that most folks don't care how much we know until they know how much we care. Our new website is a tool for us to share our knowledge with pet owners and help them keep their pets healthy." The website,, will be an information resource for local area pet owners who use the Animal Hospital of Onslow County for veterinary care, for various services from the Jacksonville veterinarians, or for the emergency vet services.

While the main focus of the Jacksonville animal hospital is emergency vet care, the animal hospital also treats regular patients for scheduled veterinary appointments and walk-in care as needed. The Animal Hospital of Onslow County adheres to the following order for seeing patients: Emergency cases are seen first, scheduled appointments are seen second, and walk-in patients are seen third.

The Jacksonville veterinarian's new website has a host of online tools and resources. The new website offers local pet parents and potential pet parents a new option in the "Choosing Your Pet" and "Finding Your Pet" sections on the site. Site visitors who are looking for the right pet can choose a category, such as dog, cat, bird, or rabbit, and can then go on to read more about specific breed selection. The site offers additional advice about finding pets, whether it is through a breeder, a pet shop, a rescue agency, or an animal shelter.

Another resource the site offers is the "Vetopedia." The Vetopedia is a glossary of terms often used by the veterinarian and the animal hospital. Since pet owners may have to use the emergency vet because their pet is very ill, the Vetopedia seeks to educate pet owners as much as possible to increase their comfort level with the care that their animal receives at the Animal Hospital of Onslow County. The "Video Newsroom" section of the site is devoted to individual videos from a veterinarian who explains various pet health issues. Topics that were covered upon the site's debut included controlling ticks, dental care, senior pet care, pet microchips, laparoscopic surgery, veterinary acupuncture, and how pet food is made.

The new website also offers an online New Patient Center for pet owners new to the Animal Hospital of Onslow County office in Jacksonville, where online forms that can be filled out prior to the pet's visit, and an explanation of payment options for the veterinarian, animal hospital, and emergency vet can be found. Completing some information ahead of the visit may help the pet owner and pet to have less time in the waiting room, which can add to the comfort level of both.

The new Animal Hospital of Onslow County website,, will continue to add new material to the site, and plans to be an ongoing information center for pet owners in the area. Pet owners can visit the website to learn more about the animal hospital, the services they offer, and pet care in general.

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