SOURCE: J.P. Hebert

November 13, 2007 09:19 ET

Jacques Philippe Hébert's New Art Conquers New Yorkers' Hearts at Barrington Art Gallery on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 13, 2007) - J.P. Hébert/Barrington Gallery of London today announced that the new artist Jacques Philippe Hébert has conquered New Yorkers' hearts with his very innovative paintings and 3-dimensional glass-fusing techniques.

A pioneering force in a singular style, J.P., (Jacques Philippe) Hébert composes his works of art through the use of glass as a medium which adds a transparent fluidity to each painting. This adds to the intuitive creative nature of his work and its unique properties. Vibrant colors, infinite shapes and its three-dimensional quality using Venetian glass, Hebert's art immediately captures your senses. Captivating interest and emotion become part of the experience created through his unique and magical technique.

J.P. Hebert stated the following:

"Over the last couple of years I have fuelled my passion into an obsession. When I decide on something I dive into it with determination and focus. Art allows me to use my excessive energy through a positive outlet. Most of my days and nights are spent in my studio now. Uninterrupted hours of pure bliss. Whether I am painting, cutting glass, fusing in my kiln, or pouring resin every aspect of my creations are a labour of love. My studio is my heaven. I've always dreamed of my art being on Fifth Avenue, and I want to thank Barrington gallery for their vision and open mind."

Hébert's work received the following positive review:


Of special interest: Artist Report and Fine Art Valuation prepared by Jeffrey A. Dering, MFA, IFAA Certified (International Fine Art Appraiser Certified). "Combine the fluidity and translucence of contemporary studio glass master Dale Chihuly, the strong linear rhythms, simple elongated forms and verticality of Amedeo Modigliani, and add the dimensional energy in the evolution of the work of American minimalist and sculptor Frank Stella, and then one can begin to sense the emerging and noteworthy creative body of work of Jacques Philippe Hébert," said Dering.

Mr. Harvey Levy owner of Barrington Gallery of London indicated the following: "During my long career, I've always looked for new , different and exclusive collections and relied mainly on my customers' reaction before implicating myself. They simply love J.P.'s paintings! His technique is unique and exclusive. We displayed them in our masters department next to the 'Chagalls' Miros, and Picassos."

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