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March 05, 2008 17:00 ET

Jaduka Launches Free Web Telephony Widgets

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - March 5, 2008) - Jaduka has announced the launch of free Web telephony service and widgets that bring voice communication to Web sites, browsers, blogs, and email. Users can set up a free Jaduka Labs account that links their standard home, office, or mobile phone with their online activities. Jaduka is showcasing its ease-of-use and programming flexibility by offering something for everyone.

Applications include:

  dukaDIAL ( lets you make phone-to-phone calls to anyone
  in North America for free!  Enter your number and the number of the
  person you're calling in a single Web interface.  When you click "Start
  your Call," the system automatically dials both parties and connects the
  call for FREE!  You can also view call history and add numbers to the
  contact list that is shared with other Jaduka applications.

  dukaLINK ( creates personal HTML hyperlinks that you can
  post on craigslist, Facebook, your blog or emails.  When users click your
  dukaLINK, they're prompted to submit their phone number to automatically
  trigger a free phone call to you.  Best of all, your real number stays
  private. dukaDIAL forwards the call to the number you've set up in your

  dukaBUZZ ( was developed for bloggers and social media
  junkies who want to hear from their readers.  dukaBUZZ enables Web site
  visitors to leave "audio comments" or testimonials on your blog or Web
  site that can be heard by others through a nifty module.  Instead of
  typing and posting written comments, visitors record audio comments using
  the dukaBUZZ widget and their standard phone.  dukaBUZZ works with any
  blogging software, including bBlog, Blogger, Drupal, Moveable
  Type / TypePad, Serendipity, WordPress, etc.

  dukaBAR ( is a handy toolbar plug-in that automatically
  scans Web pages and converts all phone numbers into clickable links that
  initiate phone calls.  It also stores your frequently called numbers in
  a contact list so that you can speed dial right from your browser (no
  software downloads or headsets required).

  duhBATE ( lets you create your own presidential
  campaign by adding your voice to the likeness of your favorite politician
  (or the ones you love to hate).  The interactive political parody uses
  your telephone as the microphone for you to record your campaign
  promises. When you're finished, the character will speak in your voice
  online. With Jaduka's technology and a little imagination, the
  possibilities are truly endless!

Jaduka's vice president of marketing Bill Binnig said, "Jaduka Labs applications demonstrate the power of our award-winning technology and the clarity of our voice communications services. Our widgets were developed using the same user-friendly application programming interface (API) now available to third-party developers for creating 'the next big thing' -- thereby saving developers thousands of dollars in programming time, and creating new opportunities for marketers."

From free one-click calling to widgets for online audio comments, with Jaduka, your Web is calling!

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Jaduka enables IT application developers and third party solutions providers to harness communications that create more effective business processes. Through its SOAP-based Web Services API, the company's award-winning technology allows applications to trigger individual or group telephone calls; provide automated alerts; manage surveys and other audio files; and administer call history and account information with virtually any phone. From reducing the cost and inconvenience of customer service "on-hold" wait times to integrating live voice with software applications, Jaduka is driving the evolution and deployment of communications-enabled business process solutions. For more information, visit

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