August 14, 2008 01:01 ET

JAJAH and Intel Partner to Boost PC Telephony

Home PCs Will 'Wake Up' to Receive Calls Thanks to Intel® Remote Wake Technology and JAJAH's IP Telephony Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - August 14, 2008) - JAJAH, the world's most innovative global communication company, today unveiled the world's first telephony application to utilize Intel's Remote Wake technology. This energy efficient capability turns the home PC into an 'always available' communications hub for the first time, with Intel Remote Wake technology enabling the home PC to 'wake up' from energy efficient sleep mode to accept phone calls.

With JAJAH's telephony support, the computer has direct access to JAJAH's IP-telephony network, enabling the PC to both make and receive high quality, low cost phone calls. Select Intel® Motherboards with support for Intel Remote Wake technology will be available next month.

JAJAH was selected by Intel to be the first telecommunications provider to implement Intel's Remote Wake capability into their core telephony infrastructure. Now any third party developer can leverage the JAJAH platform and its support for Intel Remote Wake technology. In addition to enhanced telephony access for consumers, PCs with JAJAH and Intel's Remote Wake capability can deliver 'real' energy saving benefits for consumers.

"Intel and JAJAH have a common objective to deploy technology building blocks that deliver a richer communication experience for consumers," said Joe Van De Water, Director of Consumer Product Marketing for Intel. "Intel is delighted to be working with JAJAH on its latest offering, which supports Intel Remote Wake technology. The combination of our technologies enables added convenience and energy efficiency for consumers who want the PC to be a genuine two-way communication platform for their IP-based telephony services."

"We are delighted to enhance our existing telephony services with Intel's innovative hardware-based solutions," said Trevor Healy, JAJAH CEO. "JAJAH combined with Intel's Remote Wake capability brings the industry closer to a global IP-based telephony system with simple to use functionality and advanced environmental friendliness."

"When the computer was first built, its inventors did not have telephony in mind, nor was it even on the horizon. As communications becomes more ubiquitous, JAJAH will continue to collaborate with Intel to improve how telecommunications software and hardware platforms can evolve to continue our leadership in the IP telephony market," Healy said.

JAJAH is partnering with technology companies, carriers, mobile and cable companies, including most recently Yahoo!, Gizmo5 and MailVision to provide these companies with a range of cutting edge IP telephony solutions, which are then extended to their customers. JAJAH's managed services platform helps its strategic partners stay at the forefront of global communications. These partnerships, together with the release of JAJAH's support for Intel Remote Wake, confirm JAJAH as the world's leading open and scalable IP telephony network.


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