August 14, 2008 01:01 ET

JAJAH Brings PC-Free VoIP Calls to Mexico

Never Dial Long Distance Again! Make Internet Calls From Any Phone With JAJAH Direct

MEXICO CITY--(Marketwire - August 14, 2008) - JAJAH, the world's most innovative phone company, today announced the launch of JAJAH Direct in Mexico, allowing anyone to make incredibly low cost international calls from any phone. There is no download, no headset, no special mobile phone, and no broadband required. With JAJAH Direct, you get a local number for anyone you want to call, so you never have to dial long distance again.

JAJAH Direct has triggered a revolution in global calling, with 10 million people in America, England and other parts of Europe already using it to save on their phone calls -- now Mexicans can too.

The revolution stems from JAJAH's ability to combine the savings of an Internet call with the convenience of being able to use a normal phone. Previously, VoIP calls -- where the call goes over the Internet rather than a telephone line -- were only available with an Internet connection, but now all Mexicans can make low cost, high quality VoIP calls using JAJAH Direct.

Making low cost international calls has never been so cheap or simple. Unlike many VoIP solutions, JAJAH Direct is computer-free and can work on any landline and mobile phone. No more long distance dialling, no need to sit in front of your computer, no calling cards that run out in the middle of a conversation. Simply call a local number and speak to anyone, anywhere in the world.

"For too long people in Mexico have suffered under the strain of costly long distance calls. As Mexicans travel and relocate around the world, most people now know people living in other countries. Everyone wants to keep in touch with these friends and family, but until now, not everyone could afford it," said JAJAH co-founder Roman Scharf.

"JAJAH Direct is a solution that works for everyone, not just the techy people. Everyone knows how to use a phone, and now that phone can be used to make low cost long distance calls," he said.

JAJAH Direct calls can be made at anytime to any one of 122 countries worldwide, including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany... even Antarctica.

How does it work?

First time users simply dial 55-36877200 and enter the number of the person you wish to call -- your call will be connected and you talk as normal. After you hang up JAJAH will send you an SMS text message with the local number for that person, so in the future you can simply call them directly.

Alternatively, you can go to, type in your friend's number, and JAJAH will give you the local phone number for that person so you can dial a local number and talk to you friend overseas.

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