July 19, 2007 06:00 ET

JAJAH Dramatically Reduces Phone Rates to and From India

Community Members Earn Free Minutes by Referring Others to the JAJAH Network; Campaign Is First of Several Initiatives to Support Global Communities of Friends, Family and Business Associates

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and NEW DELHI, INDIA--(Marketwire - July 19, 2007) - JAJAH, the most world's most innovative phone company, today announced a service that will dramatically reduce rates for calls to and from India. From now until India Independence Day (August 15), calls to and from India and North America and the U.K. will cost as low as 7.3 cents/minute (3.2 INR), a cost far below standard telecom rates. In addition, consumers can earn free minutes by referring others to the JAJAH network.

The New Telephony for the Rapidly Growing Indian Community

The new service to and from India is the first of several "global community" phone services that the company will introduce this year to support people separated from friends, family and business partners. More than 2 million people from 55 companies use JAJAH to stay connected. And unlike other low-cost global phone services, consumers can use JAJAH to make calls over any phone -- landline or mobile -- and the service does not require phone cards, binding contracts, telephone headsets or other complicated equipment.

"JAJAH is the new phone service for the rapidly growing, global and mobile Indian community," said Venky Ganesan, a partner at venture fund Globespan, and an early investor in JAJAH. "The Indian consumer today wants to stay connected to friends, family and associates, and wants to do that in the most intelligent, affordable way. By harnessing the intelligence of the Internet, and delivering superior-quality, cut-rate phone service over any phone, JAJAH is helping Indians all over the world to connect in the most sensible way."

"Our long-term commitment is to make voice free," said Roman Scharf, JAJAH CEO and co-founder. "Our program for the global Indian community is a powerful step in that direction. By providing global service at rates far below the industry standard -- and by rewarding people for referring others to the network -- we are extending the JAJAH vision and growing our global network. The more people we get on the JAJAH network, the lower the prices can be."

To register for the service, consumers go to, where they simply enter their numbers and the number they wish to call. JAJAH calls back both parties, over any phone line. No headsets, phone plans, or calling cards are required.

"JAJAH adapts to the way mobile and global people actually live and work," said Ganesan. "It is no wonder so many savvy Indian consumers have adopted it. JAJAH is a next generation solution for the next generation Indian."

Community Members Earn Free Minutes

Consumers who refer five or more people to the network before August 15 will get 30 minutes of free calls. And the community member who refers the most people to the JAJAH network gets free service through the end of 2007.

"This is our way of rewarding people for helping us get the word out and building awareness for the community of global Indian JAJAH customers," said Scharf. "Our commitment to free voice is real, and we vow to enlist as many people as possible to make our dream a reality."


JAJAH ( is dedicated to bringing users vastly improved telephony solutions at a fraction of the traditional price. JAJAH enables consumers to make free and low-cost telephone calls, locally or globally, dialing from either their computers or mobile phones. By combining the best of the Internet with the best of the existing telephony infrastructure, JAJAH removes the barriers to communication and makes it easier for people everywhere to stay in touch. JAJAH was founded in 2005, and has offices in Mountain View, Calif., and in Luxembourg.

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