June 23, 2009 05:00 ET

JAJAH Platform Connects One Billionth Call

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - JAJAH, the global communications company, announced today it has connected one billion calls since it launched its platform. The company, which began as a web-activated-telephony service, has evolved to become the world's leading communications platform, partnering with telecommunications and technology companies such as Intel, Microsoft and Yahoo!

"High quality telephony is just the beginning of the JAJAH story," said Trevor Healy, JAJAH CEO. "Our simple to use, high quality calling services continue to take the world by storm, with more than 25 million users now using JAJAH directly."

"However, the evolution of the company is evident in the fact our billionth call came onto the JAJAH platform via Yahoo!, one of our partners. JAJAH's platform enables any organization to deploy proven, value-added communications services in a cost effective and time efficient manner. For example, Yahoo! uses the JAJAH platform to fully outsource the management of Yahoo! Voice, a premium calling service from Yahoo! Messenger and one of the largest VoIP services in the world," he said.

The billionth call

The historic billionth call on the JAJAH platform was made by Ila Vasudev Zeff, a 29-year-old resident of San Francisco, CA. Mrs Zeff made the call on Yahoo! Voice. She was calling her mother in India, who she calls at least weekly since moving to the United States from India.

"I never imagined keeping in touch with my family in Bangalore could be so simple, or affordable," Mrs Zeff said. "I use Yahoo! Voice to call my mother at least once a week. She still can't believe I'm calling her from America and often says it sounds like I'm just up the road. I haven't even told her I'm calling from my computer -- she wouldn't believe me."

JAJAH has been recognized for its leadership in transforming global communications. Recently named a TiE50 winner, JAJAH has also won the Alexander Graham Bell Award for 'Best Communication Solution,' as well the Always On and the Global Red Herring award.

The company has also achieved unprecedented business success. Its innovative platform has been deployed by dozens of companies across the globe, making it possible for these companies to roll out new, proven communications services to their customers.


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