August 20, 2007 10:10 ET

JAJAH Registrations Surge During Skype Outage

Users Flock to JAJAH for an Alternative Calling Solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - August 20, 2007) - JAJAH, the world's most innovative communication company, today announced that new user registrations jumped more than 50 percent since Friday as Skype, the popular VoIP service provider, had a lapse in service. Since JAJAH is free to try and doesn't require a download, headset or a contract, many Skype users flocked to the simple and affordable alternative to call family, friends and business associates.

"As soon as Skype went down, we started to see our numbers climb," said Don Thorson, vice president of Global Marketing. "Thousands of users searched for alternative ways to contact friends and family and JAJAH was ready to serve up endless free and low cost calls."

Unlike traditional VoIP services like Skype, JAJAH calls are received over regular landline or mobile phones. If both users are registered, JAJAH calls are free for 30 minutes a day to the most called places on Earth. If the calls are not free, they are ultra-low cost.

To use JAJAH, visit the website or on your smart phone and register; registration is free, fast and confidential. To make a JAJAH call, you simply enter your number and the number of the person you want to call and click "CALL." JAJAH does the rest and rings both parties on their actual phones.

"We're finding Skype users are also switching to JAJAH because of our ability to make low cost international calls directly from a smart phone, whether that's an iPhone, Blackberry or Treo," said Thorson. "Making calls on frees you from needing to be near your computer or adding an expensive global carrier plan."

"Being long-time Skype fans, we're happy that they are up and running again. At the same time, we're glad we were able to provide back-up for consumers that needed a quick alternative during their outage," said Roman Scharf, JAJAH co-founder. "We find when someone tries out JAJAH, they tend to stay with it because of the call quality and other advantages over traditional VoIP providers."


JAJAH ( is dedicated to bringing users vastly improved telephony solutions at a fraction of the traditional price. JAJAH enables consumers to make free and low-cost telephone calls, locally or globally, dialing from either their computers or mobile phones. By combining the best of the Internet with the best of the existing telephony infrastructure, JAJAH removes the barriers to communication and makes it easier for people everywhere to stay in touch. JAJAH was founded in 2005, and has offices in Mountain View, Calif., and in Luxembourg.

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