May 03, 2005 09:00 ET

Jambo Launches to Connect People and Businesses From the Internet to the Phone

Combines Telecom and Pay-for-Performance Technologies to Bring Local Search to Any Business With a Phone; NetZero Co-Founder Ron Burr Named Chief Strategic Officer

AGOURA HILLS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 3, 2005 -- Jambo, an innovative new entrant in the local search technology market, launched today, announcing that it is developing patented solutions to effectively and profitably connect people and businesses from the Internet to the telephone.

Jambo is being launched by a team of online innovators with established telecom and Internet marketing expertise, including Ronald Burr, former CEO and co-founder of NetZero, and Todd Tappin, former CFO of Overture. John Melideo, founder of CallSource and sister company JamboTECH (, will serve as Jambo's chief executive officer, and Burr as a director and chief strategic officer, with Tappin acting as a board advisor.

Combining powerful telecommunication assets with compelling Internet technology, Jambo is committed to seeking local search solutions that allow consumers to connect directly from search result listings to a business via the telephone. The result: merchants with no Web presence will gain access to local search results, the most dynamic advertising tool available online.

This approach also will expand the reach of search providers to include the estimated 11 million local merchants who don't have an online presence -- a previously inaccessible, but potentially lucrative, audience that is currently spending $15 billion per year on Yellow Pages ads -- and will enable search providers to provide the first pay-for-performance advertising model to local merchants. Pay-for-performance, invented by Overture, is now the #1 method of online advertising, having built powerhouse Google and contributing significantly to Yahoo!'s revenue. Jambo will launch specific products and services later this year.

"We intend to enable any business -- whether or not it has a website -- to advertise online and capture those leads through the telephone," said Melideo. "Many local merchants are still not online, and there's enormous profit potential for any service provider who can bridge that gap. The 'Internet to the phone' connection is poised to become the next essential marketing tool for search engines, and Jambo is uniquely suited to provide that solution."

Jambo is a spin-off of JamboTECH, a managed provider of next-generation enhanced carrier services, including voice activated calling and conferencing services, converged carrier switched services, and integrated mobile solutions for carriers, telecommunication service providers, and CRM companies.

Ripe Market, Rich Opportunity

"Our solutions will bring the benefit of Internet marketing to anyone with a phone," said Melideo. "Both sides of the search equation will benefit. Smaller businesses will gain direct consumer leads that originate online -- where the consumers are -- but are delivered via the telephone, while search engines' market opportunities will grow exponentially. And Jambo is poised to take the lead and make it happen."

The NPD Group reports that 92 percent of online consumers use search engines to shop for and purchase items on the Internet, and that good search engine rankings are two to three times more effective in generating sales than banner ads. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Web searching is second only to email in the list of U.S. Internet users' most popular activities -- making search engine marketing one of the most effective and critical marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

While companies with websites see immediate results to their search engine campaigns measured in clicks to their sites, smaller companies without websites have had to either run campaigns without accurately tracked results, or have ignored the medium completely, to their detriment.

About Jambo

Founded by a team of seasoned telecom professionals, entrepreneurs, and technologists, Jambo currently is developing a solution to accommodate local business exposure on the Internet. Its proprietary solution will enable local merchants without a Web presence to maximize their ROI for advertising dollars spent on the Internet.

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